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ASUS G73SW 3D - How to Activate Nvidia 3D Vision?

hey guys, i have problems with my 3d vision glasses. i can't get it started.if i click the "splendid-button" to enable 3d - nothing happend. so i thought i need to install something.i clicked start - all progs - nvidia corp. - 3d vision - enable 3d v...

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G74SX ethernet jack question

Does yours have any lighs on either side of the jack that flash when in use?Mine does not- and I have had issues getting ethernet to work when going from wireless to ethernet, or coming out of different modes (sleep, etc.) The controller has the dri...

New G74SX-A1 some questions about ram, etc

My old system: did a secure erase on the X25-M 160GB and have Win 7 Ult 64 on it. Donwloaded all the Asus stuff from the sticky here on this forum. Placed that as the system drive i...

G74Sx-XR1 Infrared transmitter/Nvidia 3D?

Hello there,I recently purchased the G74Sx-XR1 and I was doing a little research about the g series laptops which brought about some questions for me. I noticed that in almost every other g series laptop, it cae bundled with a mouse and a backpack, n...

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latest vbios upload please.

I was wondering since Chastity is still in the process of moving, does anyone have the vbios package for me to download? i want lower timers one please. -Thanks in advance.

G73 Pinch zoom

:confused:Has anyone noticed that the pinch zoom function is too sensitive and will lock up the pointer sometimes. I have had to turn it off.

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G73jh Liquid Cooling

Could I get liquid cooling for my G73jh? If so, what are some of the units they sell, and what ones do you guys recommend. Also, would I still need to maintain my thermal paste.My computer overheats after getting around 100 degrees, and I need to get...

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Cleaning my laptop

Hi everyone!I am the proud owner of a new G74SX-A1 Laptop from Asus.I am very happy with it, but the only problem that I have is that the black surfaces pick up fingerprints like glue, any advice on what to use to get it clean like new?Thank you

Updating Graphic Driver on G53SW

Hi guys, I have an Asus G53SW and have been playing games like CoD Black Ops, Bad Company 2 and Crysis 2. I notice some lagging/stuttering whenever I play games like Black Ops or Dirt 3 on high settings. I'm not sure about what's causing the problem,...

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G74 Backpack

Does anyone know of a good backpack that can fit my G74sx? No one seems to sell a backpack that fits my laptop comfortably. I need one for school.and first post!

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