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The Asus RMA department did it again!

So this time I was a little frustrated. Last week I packed up my G73JW-XA1 and sent it in to the Milpitas, CA repair center for a second screen replacement. It had developed a fairly bright spot on one side of the screen and a couple clusters of dead...

irdmoose by Level 10
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Blank Screen with G1sn

Hello, I have an ASUS G1sn bought in 2008. Is a couple of months that I have the following problem: when I swich on the notebook the 1st time in the day this work well and I can work without any problem but if I need to reboot the notebook I have a ...

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g74sx-bbk7 locking up on wake up

Does anyone else have the problem where after you wake your laptop up from hibernation it tends to lock up? I have to hard restart it and I am wondering if this is a software or hardware issue.

G53SX naked eye 3D future?

Hello.A week ago I bought the Asus G53SX and I love it. BUT,where is the naked eye 3D software?how do I activate it?I saw on some YouTube videos that they were using a software named "SuperD". I went to the site, searching Google, and I couldn't down...

G73SW-3DE SCREEN problem

hi guys i'm new here and i came to talk about the problem on my g73sw-3de it just don't show any video even from the bios to windows but you can hear the sounds from operational system i have tried on vga and hdmi and no signal was found.i hope you c...

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Something needs to be done about power jacks

Everyone who owns a G53/G73. Know that what you own on your desk or in your lap is a ticking time bomb.Many of us are having the power pin come out multiple times, each time requiring another repair. Once our warranty runs out, the estimated cost f...

Crysis Resolution Scaling

Hi all, I wasn't sure what section to post this in or even if this is the kind of forum I can get help for stuff like this, but I figured I'd ask anyway as I own a G73JH.(I copy and pasted this from another thread I started in another forum)I've got ...

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Loving my new Asus G74 ! Kudos Asus!

I bought a G74SX a couple of weeks ago and couldn't be happier, for a laptop it is really VERY good, and reasonably priced considering what a desktop equivalent in performance would cost. I spent years and years upgrading my desktop to keep up with t...

Posible to Uppgrade GPU on asus g74SX?

might it be possible to uppgrade a video card on the G74SX?Just noticed the videocard had the damn M on the back which prety much means its half as good as the original...Also what does the M really mean?

mrfox123 by Level 7
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g73jh random lockup

So my g73 recently started to lock up, i cant cntr alt del nor move my mouse i have to do a hard reset. It happends at random it could be 5 min or 2 hours. I noticed it started hapening after i installed hamachi and dead island. I scaned for virus, c...

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