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Asus G750JH-DB71 Internal Display not Detected

Hey,After installing Nvidia inspector, and trying to implement a frame rate limit for Fo4, installing EVGA precision X, and razer game booster, I rebooted my PC and the display is off, and will not turn on. I am currently using the laptop with an ext...

Asus G751JY Gaming Center not starting under Windows 7

Hello Folks,i have a brand new Asus G751JY and i love it. I managed to install windows 7 on it, and it works perfectly well. I used all windows 8 drivers, they work OK. However the only thing that does not work is the Asus Gaming Center. Every time i...

Kriss1 by Level 8
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QA - G752 Keyboard is terrible

I don't know how QA works, but I really need to shout out, that the G752's at least Generation 2 models keyboards are simply terrible.I really miss the G750's at the moment.. :fPlease make the G753's have a good, solid keyboard like the G750's. :c

Darnassus by Status Under Review
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g752vl-dh71 disk drive dying - need replacement help

my rog g752vl-dh71 has started to have problems on boot and does a disk check most of the time - I would like to know what a good replacement drive is - also Im looking for where to get the asus rog windows 10 dvd disksthanks

tekno by Level 7
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Which live Linux distro works best with the G75VW?

I have to install Oracle 11g for a class, and even with the G75 and 16GB RAM, running it in Windows XP mode is painfully slow. I would prefer the best 64-bit I can do a "live" install. I will run on a USB stick.I ran them before on laptops and hav...

tkolarik by Level 9
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G751JY 'D' key pad issue

Hello,I'm having problem with my 'D' keypad on G751JY. There are times that it is not working.Sample Scenario while playing CS:GOI'm strafing to right so that's keypad 'D' and it will go right but there will be times where it will stop and go or won...

G75VX Mic Muffled and Low

Hey Guys,I've got a G75VX with a bad mic. I've tried installed all kinds of drivers and I believe it's happened after the upgrade to Windows 10.I only can see one item, the internal mic in the recording devices window.I've recorded a test and within ...