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"Show/Hide stereoscopic 3D effects" shortcut disabled

I'm using the newest stable drivers 280.26 and I've been trying to get Trine to function. If I enable 3D Vision and launch the game I get the red warning about unsupported 3D mode. Did some research about Trine and 280.26 and people are saying to che...

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G73JH BT disappeared

Can anyone help with this so I don't have to RMA or format and reinstall windows? The bluetooth drivers and device seem to have disappeared from my laptop. The Fn+F2 key shows a crossed out BT logo, and only turns on/off the wifi. I tried restoring t...

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G73SW and terrible DPS from GTX 460m

I found out that the GTX 460M is causing mighty high us! im over 6000 and when i shut the GTX down it drops down to 200.. i have tryid everything i can to fix this but no luck yet.. right now im running a beta version for GTX but that dident do much ...

Still have hey board lag with g74sx

I'm wondering if the new BIOS 203/atk 13 will Definately fix the key board lag or should. I wait a while, updating the BIOS over and over probably isn't safe. Thanks for any info

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G74SX-3DE IR/ORG key problem

i am having a problem that i cannot find an answer to anywhere in the manuals that it came with or anywhere on the Internet. it is with the ir emitter button that is supposed to turn the 3d games on and off, it does nothing when i press it. i have tr...

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G 74 USB 3.0 issues.

I got problems with my USB 3.0 port... ived installed the latest drivers.. but it still keeps happening. anyone have an answer for this?

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G74sx Resolution Issue

Hi I just got the g74sx-th71 but can't seem to change my resolution to the max of 1920x1200. This resolution isn't even listed when I try to change it. The highest it goes is 1600. Can anyone help me? I even installed the latest beta drivers too. Tha...

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Asus g74sx usb ports issue

Whenever I hit my HDD or its cable, the device will get disconnect then connected again on my asus g74sx. This only happen on HDD, other devices like mouse, small usb drive works fine. I'm pretty sure that it's not the HDD problem since I already tes...

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