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Issue with backlit KB on G73SW-3DE

HiI recently got my computer back from reparation after RMA, the KB backlit problem. After a month when I got it back, they (Infocare Norway) claimed that the keyboard issue was fixed and it was working when it left the workshop. They found out it wa...

G74SX-A1 no mouse?

Hello, I have just received the G74SX-A1, fantastic laptop.Just wondering if I am the only one on earth that didn't get a mouse with the laptop / backpack combo?

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G53SW-XN1 Help Thread

Hello, I'm relatively new with computers but just bought a G53SW-XN1. I've been trying to install new drivers and figure out how to overclock, but I seem to be stuck.I've tried Chastity's informative thread here:

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G74SX Harddrive problem

I am unable find the disk and use my "disk 0 Primary partition" hard drive> 465.76GB.> Please see the attached photo with 'red circle'.>> Can you please tell me how can i enable the disk, so it's accessable under> windows 7?> Thanks

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Which of these G74SX is better?

Hello everyone,This is my first time posting on the ROG forum. I have been doing some research on which G74SX to buy. my budget for a laptop is $15k. Plus maybe ~$250 extras like RAM, HDD, backpack(a must!).My main problem is that I don't live in the...

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Keep Me Motivated!!!!

Hello All!!!I wanted to introduce myself and hopefully get some help, I am currently stationed overseas ( thank you US Air Force ) and will be traveling back stateside for a couple of weeks. And that is when im looking into purchasing an Asus Laptop ...

G73JH GPU issues after bios update

Hi,I used to have the same old issues, bsod and etc, so I decided to update my vbios. As my bios was 209 I decided to update to 213 before (as said in the guide that the last vbios needs at least the 211 version). To isolate any possible issue with...

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