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please help... mulitple threads, no real answer.

i have an asus g74 with all current drivers, everything's working fine except my microphone is not being recognized!, i know its working cause he playback show sound but this thing does not wanna work!, pleas help. =( its a new laptop all it says is ...

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my g74 goes to sleep during gameplay

just got a g74 yesterday, had a couple of minor issues that i sorted but today i was playing total war empire and evrytime i was in a battle the screen went black and i had to push the power button and use my password to restart. not sure if this is ...

griff71 by Level 7
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g74sx (xt1) and battlefield 3

Have to be up in a couple of hours but couldnt resist testing out BF3's SP campaign on the g74 and seeing how it ran. Using the auto setting (native resolution with textures at ultra and just about everything else at high and vsync turned off) Im ge...

Verde 285.62 Driver WHQL

NVIDIA Verde 285.62 WHQL Driver released today, no modified INF needed on my G53SW.

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Ready to throw this thing off my balcony.

Let me give you guys the back story before so you know what my problems are. A few months ago I had a bad flash and and of course my G73JH was bricked. No big deal in this situation one could RMA and get it fixed. Well, My situation is a little diffe...

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Question - LCD Display Panel

I have tried searching the ROG forums and the NBR forums and I have not answered my question. Is there an actual LCD Panel Display Driver for the G74SX (A1)? I know every desktop I have built with LCD panel has a driver. My G74sx-a1 states "Generi...

Cypz by Level 7
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embedded 3D Emitter where to buy

If anybody have any idea where to buy an embedded 3D emitter for my G53JW please post it here. There might be more people looking on it also.Thanks in advance,

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