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How to switch NVIDIA card to onboard card on G46VW

Hi everyoneMy G46VW's NVIDIA GTX card is not working anymore but I cannot afford to replace it. I need a way to:- Verify that I have a second Intel graphic card because I believe I have it but the specs page (

triet96 by Level 7
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asus rog 751jt sudden shut down

hi guys i just want to ask why my rog suddenly shuts down when ever i open dota 2. but never shuts down while surfing the net. only shuts down when i try to open dota 2. can i have some info to fix these thank you in advance...

dnver by Level 7
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bah! g751jy dead dvd drive. BR replacement?

So my DVD drive just up & quit responding. No light, no movement empty or with a disc, no disc logo next to the cursor when closing. I was able to open it using a paperclip in the reset hole & get my disc out. But...*If I order a Blu-ray player inste...

G752VT - Caps Lock Led Indicator not working.

Hello all,I was wondering if someone could help me regarding the below problem. I currently own a ROG notebook G752VT and I have been noticing that the led indicator from my caps lock key has been a bit unstable - however, now it's not currently ligh...

Quasho by Level 7
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Asus G750JZ Fan Loud

HiJust a few days ago I started to notice that the level of fan noise is incredibly LOUD and ANNOYING. If anyone can help me find a solution to this it would be great.When I first used the laptop to months of using it I could barely notice the fan no...

G752VM Making Weird Noise(from ODD?!?)

Hi peoplemy brand new G752VM started making weird noise.It sounded grindy/scratchy and could only hear during idle. (38C cpu 45C gpu)Despite hearing the noise from CPU vent, fans don't spin during idle.I pulled out the bottom panel and was hearing th...

nday76 by Level 9
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