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G53SW screen compatibility

Hello guys, and nice to be a member of this community. As some of you know, the screen quality of the G53SW isn't exactly exemplary. As I was doing some research, I found out that the screen is made by AU Optronics, and it's code is B156HW01 v5.On De...

Holo by Level 7
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G74SX GPU Fan is Loud

My GPU fan is constantly at the same sound decibel from startup to gaming. Mine can be faintly heard from my doorframe, which is about 8-10 feet away. Is there any program or drivers that can solve this issue? or is this how loud it should be?

Panda by Level 7
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Question on BIOS 203 for G74SX

I have a simple question and perhaps I'll be answering my own question. I still have the bios version that came with my laptop(201) and honestly, I haven't had any problems that I'm aware of. So my logic tells me that if it isn't broken why fix it. I...

Lorca by Level 7
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Starcraft 2 on G73JH

Well it turns out that the "top of the line gaming laptop" cannot play Starcraft 2 properly. If you use anything but the lowest settings the game will randomly lag & often kill all video going to a completely black screen. Twice now the game has h...

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G73sw Video/touchpad/Freeze problems

I bought a G73SW in May 2011 thinking it would be an awesome laptop. Turns out I was wrong... The touchpad sometimes stop responding, (it doesn't totally stop but its partially responsive) I've tried all the fixes I've seen here but nothing worked.Wh...

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Beware ASUS Repairs- VIRUS!

When I first bought my ASUS G53SW-XA1 I did what anyone with a G series notebook should do. Clean install of Windows. Most ASUS applications are simply bloatware give or take a few. Then the power adapter plug pin came out. Twice. (Common problem...

Bios 213 killed My G73JH

:mad:HI,I have an Asus G73 Jh I was on bios 211.downloaded the 213 official it on C : partition , then I reboot and booted into bios, and I flash it from Bios.everything went fine, then message saying within 2 second the laptop will shut do...

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G74SX 285.62 driver cannot install

After installing BF3 i've been prompted to install the correct drivers to run the game. When trying to install Nvidia 285.62 driver for my 560m, i get the following error: NVIDIA Installer cannot continueThis graphics driver could not find compatib...

Audio devices disabled, NEED HELP URGENT

Hello to you all, i have visited this forum many times for help, and it has been a lifesaver.To the issueI have a G73h A1. Tonight i decided to play Dead Rising 2, wich means changing the audio format to 48000hz but the Realtek Audio Driver i install...

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