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Suddenly no sound out of speakers while in Windows

So, I don't know what happened or changed but now I'm not getting any sound out of the speakers. There's sound out of the speakers during BIOS POST, but nothing from Windows. I can plug headphones in and get sound fine, unplug them and still no sou...

Black Screen Flickering

I bought my asus G73sw around june, about 2-3 months ago it started to flicker when I was gaming. When im playing HoN or Saints Row 3 it will go black then come back on and I will get a error message at the bottom right of the screen saying something...

Non-resizable windows too small on G74SX.

Hello. I had this exact same problem on my G73SW, and at the time I thought it was just something that happened to me and I didn't bother asking how to get it fixed since I was gonna exchange it for a G74SX anyway, but I have the same problem with th...

Cat by Level 9
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New WiFi Card to G73

Hi I'm thinking of replacing my WiFi Card from Atheros to Intel Centrino but I'm not sure which model to choose. (And I still want to have the blutooth opportunity) I want your opinion and experience with replacing the WiFi card on the ROG G53/73/74....

question about g53 rubber foot

A few days after getting my laptop back from Service Center, I noticed that 1 of its rubber feet disappears (image), it must be caused by the guys at Asus :mad: how careless, I gonna come back to ask for a new piece. Just want to be sure, by looking ...

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"Display Driver crashed and recovered"

I am experiencing crashing maybe at least 3 times a week and it's obnoxious. Would it be because i have the computer in high performance mode all the time? I have all the latest drivers installed and i wish this problem would go away, not to mention ...

My new Asus g53sw xn1 having Wifi issues!

Just got it and I am mind blown how awesome it is but I can't even get 1mb download while my phone in my hand is getting 25mbps. Also I don't know how to install drivers and stuff and need help!Thank-you!

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G74SX user reviews.

i am looking at purchasing the G74SX-DH72. Wanted to hear some feedback from people that have this model or earlier models. Any pros and cons list would be greatly appreciated. A few question that I have.....Do you like the keyboard?Have you swappe...

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This appeared after my reformat, is there a drive that I didn't get? Note: I'm downloading the bluetooth drive at the moment

Panda by Level 7
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G73SW-BST6 Touchpad, Ctrl Key, and Power Port problems

I have an Asus G73SW-BST6, purchased 6 months ago. First off, I'd like to point out some problems that are rather annoying, but I can live with: -The touchpad is horrible! After about 1 minute of use, it becomes completely frizzy and starts jumping a...

aooi by Level 7
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