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G74SX-A1 Freezing

I recently purchased this G74SX-A1 laptop. I loved the look of it and it had all of the specs I need for class BUT sadly it has been nothing but a headache. The problem I am having is that out of the box the laptop will freeze. It will freeze whil...

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Asus G74S bios update fail

Can anyone help ? Just updated my bios and after boot nothing happened only power lights and maybe some fans turned on , black screen and so on . What can i do ?

User1 by Level 7
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G73 will not power on intermittently

2 days ago my system would not power on with AC . I unplugged and tried with battery (it was around 95% charged). In both cases no lights, no sounds . I removed the battery & AC cord, held the power switch for 10 seconds, reassemble ; then was ab...

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G53 Advice Needed!!!! (560m model)

:mad:Ok, ive sold ASUS laptop for years.. im retired from that purchasing sales position at that company - so ive been exploring other brands because I cant get cost any more on ASUS:(...I need to replace my entire desktop gaming system for $1200 i...

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My Vault Password help

I don't ever remember using this, but decided to today. However It says I've got a password and the Hint says nickname. I've used every nickname I've ever had, with and without caps lock on to no avail. Can I reset this?

tfitz by Level 7
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G73sw-xn2 hard disk problem..

hirecently i bought an asus g73sw-xn2 from ebay.i noticed that to boot up it took about 1minute +.i ran some test and i came accross to my questions are:1. is this normal for the hdd (seagate momentus xt)2. am i still covered by the asus war...

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G74SX Laptop Decal?

Hi All,Curious as the surface of G74SX is Rubberized coated surface, I wonder if I apply laptop decal will damage or leave a mark on Rubberized coated surface?. :confused:

gg31hh by Level 7
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