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no light any more

i have a new g74s asus notebook and i cant get light in the keyboard any morecan any help pleasethanksjj2

jj2 by Level 7
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Asus G73 Crashing While Gaming

Well I have been experiencing this problem for a few months and the problem occurs at random times. Sometimes it can occur every 20 minutes or not at all in a day. When I am playing games such as World of Warcraft or League of Legends I will just be ...

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I bought a G74SX-XA1 in USA, but i'm from Argentina. I was told that this product has an international and global warranty for 1 year, so I bought the laptop. But now I realize that this product HAS an international Warranty, BUT ONLY IN COUNTRIES TH...

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G74SX-DH72 HDD question

The notebook come with 2 hdd. The 160 GB SSD is my c drive (came named OS) and came w/ 70 GB free space, so they obviously put everything on it. Since the computer is showing two additional drive SDATA1 (D:) and SDATA2 (E:) I assume that they parti...

user by Level 7
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Help Request! Asus G74SX-BBK8

Hello everyone!I recently purchased the G74SX-BBK8 from Best Buy and I am not sure if I have a problem. On the back of the laptop where the exhaust fans are, about half of the panel seems to be uncovered and the rest seems to be closed plastic. To ...

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Asus G73JW maximum performance.

Hi,Is there any way to set the G73JW for maximum performance all the time? I have the feeling that it is not running on full performance when playing games. My FPS seems low, although I have selected high performance in Power4Gear. I got the JW as a ...

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Crucial M4 vs Samsung 830 for a G74???

i was all set to purchase a 256gb crucial m4 on black friday, and now am reading how much faster a samsung 830 is. so i would like to put it to the people who know this computer the best, which ssd would be better with the asus g74? (price, reliabili...

Help Again for Black Flickering

Well, couple days ago I though I found the fix for the issue. Come to find out. When I installed a previous date driver, such as the 266 instead of black screen flickering it would now just completely freeze the game. I would have to do a restart (ho...

Anyone experience with ?

hi, after 3 whole day research, i found the I live in Uk, but the price here is pretty imba... so I will let my friend buy it in US for me.Apparently you can configure the Asus g74sw yourself. You can update your CPU and so on. I wa...

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