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Sentilic APPCRASH on G74SX

I am having an APPCRASH error (see details below) after startup and also after using the F key shortcut to disable the touchpad. I Googled "SentelicTPCfg.exe." and came up with no answers. So tried uninstalling the Sentelic driver, checking my App...

ridermtb by Level 7
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G74SX A1 Production stopped?

Hello guys,I was about to purchase a G74SX A1 from B&H Online store as it is a reliable store & had a very good price compared to others.But today when I checked the site it said that this product has been discontinued by the manuf.Not only the A1 bu...

ClintonD by Level 7
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G53JW-3de Power issue!

Hello everyone!I'm experiencing a problem with my G53.This morning, I was working on the laptop just fine, but i had to go to work, so I turned off my laptop, got it in my backpack.I ended up not even using it there. When I came back home, I got my l...

Hildar by Level 7
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Backup Options on G74sx !!

I just bought a G74sx, on my first start up. The "Asus AI recovery" ask me to do a factory default backup onto DVD ...and there is not an option to backup into a hard drive.(...i don't have blank Dvds)The other option i have is to use the "Windows ba...

Retired by Not applicable
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Trouble Disabling Touchpad, G74Sx-BBK8

Hey, I have read the two stickies. But none of that really makes sense to me because I'm not as tech savvy as some.I've had this laptop for a couple weeks and was able to disable the touchpad for periods of time. I would have to go into control panel...

G73SW powered on using TurboBoost key?

Hi, I wondering if this issues occur to anyone. When I tried to press the turbo boost button/power4gear button my G73SW powered up and flash a rainbow Asus LOGO after that restart and boot back to normal, is this normal? Yeah, please try and boot you...

Looking for parts, none available?

I have a 16-month old G73JH that has been an endless source of frustration and headache - and frankly if I can't get these problems solved it'll be the last ASUS product I'll buy or recommend in this lifetime.[mode = venting]I've replaced a failing d...

Cipher by Level 7
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Nvidia 3d Vision 2 question.

Might be a dumb question but ill ask anyways. I just bought a G74SX-DH73-3D laptop. It has Nvidia 3d Vision with a 17.3-inch LED-backlit Full HD display with 120Hz refresh rate.Now my question is can i get the new NVidia 3d vision 2 coming out? Would...

Red Keyboard Mod

got a hold of some blue and red plastic film the other day. decided to change the backlighting color of my keyboard. ended up going with the red.still have some blue film if anyone is interested.