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G74sx Audio, best headset

I am wondering it the G series audio is Surround sound at the USB level? Actually, seeking information on which Headset type to purchase. Will USB type 5.1 or 7.1 headsets deliver surround sound in the headset? Or should I stick with a more standa...

ASUS G53SX-XT1 - Whats the best way to max out ram?

Hi, I recently got an ASUS G53SX-XT1 and saw that the max ram is 16gb.Right now, it currently has 8gb of ram and I believe 4 slots. From what I picked up from a utility program, it shows 2x4gb sticks.What I'm wondering is..What is more efficient? Run...

neenja by Level 7
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G73J issues

I have an Asus G73J laptop with an i5-450 CPU and a Radeon HD 5870 GPU. It's a bit over a year old now, and I've had quite a lot of issues. A month or two after I bought it, I started experiencing GSODs occasionally while playing games. I couldn't fi...

Oyvoyv by Level 7
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G60VX Intermittent No video

I have a G60VX, that has started to act up trying to see if there is anything I can do, while I am looking for the paperwork for the warranty. already done the basics

What is the best...

program for monitoring your ssd drive? i saw something a long time ago on one of the threads about a really nice program that shows your wear percentage, and how long the ssd should last. i would love to have that program.

weird framerate, is this kind of throttle ?

I was playing Modern Warfare 2 on G53sw, full HD, max setting. I attached 2 screenshots showing the weird framerate, I expected this game should run at ~45fps but sometimes it drops to <30 fps without any specially heavy graphic.As you see in the scr...

Retired by Not applicable
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Dead/bright pixels?

helloI have just noticed these white pixels whenever the background is fully black/dark.[These pictures are taken with 30seconds exposure time to ma...

G53Sw Battery. Connected, not charging.

Hi!I recently bought G53Sw (around 2 weeks ago). And I have battery issues. When it's connected it says "Connected, not charging" and it is showing 97/98%. I downloaded HWMonitor and my wear and tear is 4% already! How is it possible? I discharged it...

mars83 by Level 7
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G73JH - stability problems - help greatly appreciated

I have a G73JH, which is approx 1.5 years old.BIOS fully up to date. About 6 months ago I did the vBIOS update to enable installation of ATI generic mobility GPU drivers. (currently running ATI 11.11)Win7 is fully up to date with critical security pa...

quokka by Level 7
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How do I control the fan speed, if...

i did a fresh install on my ssd, and are now wondering how do i control fan speed? i was pretty sure that i read on a thread long ago, that there was a program which allowed us to make the fans run faster or slower, depending on the performance of th...