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Question about the G74's incredibly poor Sentelic touchpad

Since I got my G74 I've had few issues that weren't fixed by googling, but I couldn't find anything solid on the following: the touchpad (sentelic model) is really crappy. After some time of use, it bugs out and whenever I move my fingers on the pad ...

G74SX-RH71 Poor Performance Issue?

Hey guys, figured this would be the place to ask in case this beast of a laptop has some naunce I'm not aware of, but I bought this bad boy about 2 weeks ago and I'm kind of diappointed by a couple aspects of its performance... Seems like while the m...

Cleaning the G Series

What product - if any - do you use to clean your G? I used to wipe my other laptops with isopropyl alcohol @ 70%, but I understand that this may be bad for the rubberized surface of ours.

Upgraded G74 from Ebay Online Store

So I saw an upgraded G74 with upgraded processor, 16gb RAM, and modified hard drives with the option to purchase a SSD as the primary hard drive.Where I live, the only option for the G74 is the 3D version with lousier RAM, processing speed etc.What I...

Leish by Level 7
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[Request] TrueCrypt Hardware AES support

Hello EveryoneI got the g74sx and its one of the best laptops I've seen and used.However the processor in my laptop is a core i7 2630QM and according to the intel site, this processor should support AES New Instructions. When I want to enable this is...

ace7 by Level 7
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G74SX Batteries wear level keep on increasing

Hi,I recently discuss within AsusROG forum about 'whether to leave the batteries in the computer while plugged in or not"and which everyone advice me to leave it on and use it like normal.However Its been 2 weeks ive tried leaving my G74SX batteries ...

gg31hh by Level 7
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I bought a new intel 6300 wireless kit for G74 but ..

I bought this kit and installed it with only one big problem. After installing the drivers from intel, my laptop recognize it, but it doesn't work. When I go to device manager I see it but with exclamation mark. I tried reinstalling the drivers but n...

Scoter by Level 7
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G74SX Bootup Issue

I've had two G74SX-KBB8's already from a BestBuy, the first one got exchanged within 2 days due to a broken pixel, and this one seems to be running perfect except for about 3 things -1) I notice this PC beeps a lot more often then the other laptop (a...

ASUS G53SX-S1143V recovery

Hi All,can i delete the recovery partiton and reformat the HDD? (delete the Recovery partiton?)Because, i have an SSD installed, and i want to use it for Windows 7 64bit HUN. Other question: can i buy the recovery DISC for my Modell in Europe, Hunga...

Criton by Level 9
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