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What is the best...

program for monitoring your ssd drive? i saw something a long time ago on one of the threads about a really nice program that shows your wear percentage, and how long the ssd should last. i would love to have that program.

weird framerate, is this kind of throttle ?

I was playing Modern Warfare 2 on G53sw, full HD, max setting. I attached 2 screenshots showing the weird framerate, I expected this game should run at ~45fps but sometimes it drops to <30 fps without any specially heavy graphic.As you see in the scr...

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Dead/bright pixels?

helloI have just noticed these white pixels whenever the background is fully black/dark.[These pictures are taken with 30seconds exposure time to ma...

G53Sw Battery. Connected, not charging.

Hi!I recently bought G53Sw (around 2 weeks ago). And I have battery issues. When it's connected it says "Connected, not charging" and it is showing 97/98%. I downloaded HWMonitor and my wear and tear is 4% already! How is it possible? I discharged it...

mars83 by Level 7
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G73JH - stability problems - help greatly appreciated

I have a G73JH, which is approx 1.5 years old.BIOS fully up to date. About 6 months ago I did the vBIOS update to enable installation of ATI generic mobility GPU drivers. (currently running ATI 11.11)Win7 is fully up to date with critical security pa...

quokka by Level 7
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How do I control the fan speed, if...

i did a fresh install on my ssd, and are now wondering how do i control fan speed? i was pretty sure that i read on a thread long ago, that there was a program which allowed us to make the fans run faster or slower, depending on the performance of th...

g74sx sata 6gb ssd

I order a vertex 3 90gb sata 6gb from newegg. is the g74sx work with 6gb sata. and should i use uefi and gpt with windows 7 or mbr:cool:

G74SX Bottom cover (for upgrade) cannot open

Need some help.I just bought a new hard drive over the weekend for my new G74SX and when i try to open the cover on the bottom. it wont open. After I unscrewed the cover screw, i can only pull the cover by 0.1". it feels like the 4 corner is stuck or...

Asus G74SX-BBK8

My name is Facundo from Argentina.As a friend who traveled to USA, I asked him to bring me a G74SX (Asus G74SX-BBK8)The espeficifaciones are:Processor Brand: Intel ® Core ™ i7-2670QM 2nd Gen processorProcessor Speed: 2.0GHz @ 3.1 GhzDisplay Type: Wid...

Question about the G74's incredibly poor Sentelic touchpad

Since I got my G74 I've had few issues that weren't fixed by googling, but I couldn't find anything solid on the following: the touchpad (sentelic model) is really crappy. After some time of use, it bugs out and whenever I move my fingers on the pad ...