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G73jh Intermittent Crash.

I recently purchased a refurbished G73JH. Times are tough you know. Anyway, after I recieved it, I installed a few games and tested it out. It worked great. More than I could have hoped for in a laptop. I used it for about a month, and only ever had ...

JamesonD by Level 7
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G74SX Turbo Boost

Hey guys, Just wondering if every model of the G74SX has Turbo Boost; I found this on Amazon where it doesn't explicitly say it has Turbo Boost, and just wanted clarification that this will come with TB as this is the model I want:

Installing a SSD to my G53SW-XN1 help

Hey guys i am new here,i want to know how do i install a ssd onto the laptop with win 7. Will the computer know to install all the laptop drivers and such? also will my asus software work like the asus laptop buttons?Also how do i get windows 7 since...

windows explorer hangs up in new G74sx

Hi all,I bought an Asus G74sx laptop yesterday and I have only installed FIFA 12, Portal 2, PowerISO and Winrar 393 since I unpacked the machine. Whenever I play any game and then exit the game and then if I open windows explorer and right click on t...

sdy2011 by Level 7
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New Asus g53sw, problem started day 1!

I just recieved my Asus g3sw from amazon, the price had dropped and i took the risk knowing some of the problems that may occur, to my surprise ( and my luck) the problem the Asus g53 notebook had was not that i have seen so much on the forums before...

MrDigou by Level 7
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Problems connecting with Monitor

I have asus g74sx, it has Nvidia Geforce GTX 560M video card. I've recently bought the Benq XL2410T LCD monitor. When I first started it, it was working great. I was able to use DVI to run my games in 3d. I restarted my computer and now DVI works...

Fumbles by Level 7
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Memory Interface ? is that the bus ?

ok guys im a noob when it comes to hardware but i was reading my nvidia system infomation and it said "Memory Interface: 192-bit" so is the 192 better then the 128? i hope i got the right GPU i have the gtx 560m and everybody says the gtx 460 128-bit...

G74S Sound problems (I think?)

I attempted to use the search function but had no results...So I actually just purchased my G74S notebook last night and so far I love everything about it...except for one thing...the sound quality!Maybe someone can attest to this? Does this machine...

Hibbs by Level 7
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