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G74sx GTX 560m problem ?

i've just bought my new laptop G74 sx with I7 sandy bridge processor 8 Gigs of ram and gtx 560m with 3 Gb of gddr5 and 500GB solid state hybrid(ssh)i got an issue with games .. i've installer gta4 and i cant raise the settings at all it tells i ain...

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I have the gtx 560m 192-bit card so but have not seen any guides on how to overclock is it safe is it a good idea is it worth it? thanks ive looked all around surprised nobody has done it here

G74SX always tries to recovers I will give it back.

guyz I want to return my g74sx because since i bought it their is a clicking sound starting when i press to power button and then the clicking continues but believe me you guys can easily hear the sound.... I bought it from best buy and is it possibl...

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Accessing the two screws beneath the monitor (G53SW)

Could someone please tell me precisely which and how many screws and parts i'm supposed to remove from my notebook to access the two screws underneath the monitor, cause i don't wanna disassemble the whole laptop just to access those two screws, than...

Tiny details, tiny things..

Before anything i would like to say that all drivers are updated: (wifi, wireless consote, bt, bios, atk, kb filter, nvidia, chipset)1. when windows starts, if the wifi is on the led does not light up. if i disable WIFI and or BT and enable again the...

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I can haz Numlock?

Just bought a stock G74SX-XR1 a couple days ago.Love this machine, none of the problems with keyboard or trackpad that others have reported (most likely electrical shorts from packing material not removed at the factory). The only fly in the ointment...

CSchmidt by Level 7
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G74SX - A gaming laptop? And a question or two.

Hi,I replaced my aging laptop that I've had for more than 5 years now with a new G74SX, basically in the small town that I live in, best buy is the only shop in town, and the sales person said that this is the laptop that he has and he games Battlefi...

Surge supression question...

My G74Sx ,just came back from ASUS , for a motherboard transplant....It failed , after using at my workplace, suddenly ,without warning, after working flawlessly for 3 months.Someone suggested, that it might have overheated, but now I wonder , if ...

Video Lag G74sx-3de

Just recently I have been experiencing video lag on some games (Call of Duty 4, Crysis). Everything seems to be running fine 50-60fps and then it just freezes for a second while the audio continues to play. It does this every few seconds. I have test...

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