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Recovery Partition Problem

I recently Remove my linux OS and GRUB i used to delete grub using bootsect /nt60 SYS /mbr, now when pressing F9 it always boot up the windows Boot Manager and not the recovery partitionhow can i access my recovery partitionbtw my pC is asus g73jw th...

iams by Level 7
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Need advice on flashing the BIOS of my G73JH

Hi guys,First post here, glad to meet you all Here's my situation.Since I bought my G73JH a bit more than a year ago, I have been having compatibility problems with various games. The problems I have been experiencing range from games simply not star...

ChefOrc by Level 7
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The first thing I did when I got my G74SX was reinstal Windows 7 to get rid of all the bloatware and use the Viper Win7 Service settings.. I'm very happy with the performance so far..My question is, should I install Power4Gear? I know it allows me to...

Issues with Built-In Microphone Quality

Dear users,I just recently bought a G53SX-S1139V and I am incredibly happy with it except for one little issue. My built-in microphone quality in VOIP applications like Skype is unbearably bad. The other parties can barely make out what I am saying -...

Doggie52 by Level 7
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G53JW-A1 Issues

I got my g53 earlier this year, and everything was going dandy. Starting a month or so ago, I started experiencing slow downs (longer times to open programs, text seemed to "skip" as I was typing...), and this didn't seem like a pressing issue, so I ...

JeffK7 by Level 7
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G53SW-XN1 Power Button Problem

Hi,So today i tried to turn my laptop on at was a cold boot, no battery in, using power cord.pressed the button once, thought it was just me. so i press it a second time and it comes on.Later, while i'm at school i try to turn it on(cold bo...

Ioriya by Level 7
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g74sx trackpad troubles

So I recently got a g74sx-a1 and am loving it for the most part so far. The one significant trouble I am having is with regards to the trackpad. Sometimes it seems to work well but other times I have trouble with the cursor jumping around. This ta...

Cail by Level 7
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