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Driver Sweeper

I have a G53SW and I'm thinking of updating the graphics driver. But I've not done this before, and I heard that you need this software called Driver Sweeper to completely clean up your driver files. So here are my questions:1. Is it really necessary...

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Upgrading CPU and Graphics

Hey allHope i'm not double posting! I was wondering if anyone has 'fully' investigated inside the g74sx?I'd appreciate either video or pictures for future referenceCheers

G74SX horrible touchpad

hey guys, i just got my brand new g74sx-xr1 and the first thing i notice is i cant type without the mouse clicking everywhere, so i try and adjust the sensitivity or the palmcheck that most touchpads have only to discover they dont exist on my laptop...

fsjk85 by Level 7
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G73JW Temp

What temp should a G73JW run at?Wen i playthe game world of tanks my cpu gets 95 C and my gpu 95 C acording to nvidia system monitor.Wen playing the game my Gpu run at 99-100% and cpu core 1 100%.

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BATMAN GAME ON G73JW is very low - Help

Hello everyone .. I'm using ASUS ROG G73JW .. Here are specs 8GB RAMWindows 7 Home Premium 64bitIntel core i7 X940 @ 2.13GhzNVIDIA GTX 460M - 1.5GB1TB - HDDFor a year, the gaming experience on this awesome .. I can't even begin to tell you how much I...

Best screen replacement for G74sx ?

Hi, I have the G74sx, non 3d, (60hz panel), with the 192bits Gpu, and 1080p lcd, but I find the screen to be very cheap, very blue, poor viewving angles.Before the G74 I had a macbook pro, the screen was so perfect, but I'm fed up with apple Osx, so ...

What software do I use for the webcam?

Hi,I'd like to try out the web cam on my G74SX but I'm failing to find a program in the all programs list of this laptop that would have anything to do with using the web cam.Could somebody please tell me what program ASUS installed on the G74SX that...

Best screen resolution for decent gaming on G74SX?

Hi,I'm wondering what screen resolution you use in modern games on this particular laptop.I'm personally planning to start with Skyrim as my first game soon.The native resolution 1920x1080 probably gives the computer a hard time on high/highest graph...

Fluctuating Framerate and GPU Usage

Apparently, my laptop cannot even handle Modern Warfare 2 at Ultra settings and it is laggy ( not to the point where it is unplayable, but the the stutter and tiny lags). I have tried Throttle Stop, but not much of a help. Once in a blue moon i would...

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Which G74SX Model should I choose?

Ok, I've got these two models that I've been looking at,The AH71 the DH71