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G74SX Drviers

@ the drivers should i update? I know where to find the nvidia ones on the site but should i keep the latest with all of the other drivers beside the bios on other sites? If so wher...

G74SX Laptop Bags?

Hi i am looking to see which bags preferably a messenger bag that will fit my G74SX. I want the laptop to be enclosed inside the bag and not on the outside where it will bounce off my butt every time i walk if you know what i mean Thanks!Pros and Con...

Power Supply Flicker

While playing games, there's this insane flicker coming from my power supply that keeps saying; Charged, battery, charged, battery..etc. I also look at the light on the power supply brick and I notice a slight flicker every couple of seconds. Does an...

Ok GURU's tell me what I just did! (lol)

Ok so I was typing just now and hit some combo of keys that just changed some color setting on my comp... I saw for a brief second something pop up in the middle of my screen like when you change the power setting, volume, or screen brightness and th...

Trijicon by Level 7
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RoG Theme!!!

Hey, I got a G74 , And I want to get the RoG theme that Ive seen on , But I cant use it, I dont get the down part of it,, The Windows icon doesent looks like a RoG icon, And the "DownBar", Dos...

Mr_K by Level 7
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G74sx BSOD

Like the title says I have just experienced my first BSOD during a Skype video call... I have ran memtest86+ and came back with errors. I stopped the test early since I assume anything other than 0 errors is unacceptable. I just have 2 questions then...

Driver Sweeper

I have a G53SW and I'm thinking of updating the graphics driver. But I've not done this before, and I heard that you need this software called Driver Sweeper to completely clean up your driver files. So here are my questions:1. Is it really necessary...

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Upgrading CPU and Graphics

Hey allHope i'm not double posting! I was wondering if anyone has 'fully' investigated inside the g74sx?I'd appreciate either video or pictures for future referenceCheers

G74SX horrible touchpad

hey guys, i just got my brand new g74sx-xr1 and the first thing i notice is i cant type without the mouse clicking everywhere, so i try and adjust the sensitivity or the palmcheck that most touchpads have only to discover they dont exist on my laptop...

fsjk85 by Level 7
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G73JW Temp

What temp should a G73JW run at?Wen i playthe game world of tanks my cpu gets 95 C and my gpu 95 C acording to nvidia system monitor.Wen playing the game my Gpu run at 99-100% and cpu core 1 100%.

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