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G53jw-a1 Video card problems.

I just installed and reformatted to windows 7 ult 64 bit. I have all the neccesary drivers installed and newest graphic card update. I then downloaded GPU-z and noticed that my heat was off the roof. I hit 99 degrees. Does this mean my computer is de...


Asus g53sw or Asus g53sx?

well i am about to buy one. both are from I don't do much serious gaming but i would like to start playing a few games like BF3 and Swotr. I know those games are very different in their requirements. Mostly i am wondering if overall the ...

Need Some Help

hi. i just got my laptop a couple of days ago and i need to ask a few might be a funny question but, here we go.erm, what is the use of GameFast and FastBoot? can someone let me know?

DexSky by Level 8
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G73SW-1BTY + OCZ Agility 3 SSD = NO SATA III speeds

Hello. I've read many posts about this here and on the OCZ forums, but nothing that seems to help. I did a clean install with the new OCZ SSD I purchased this month. When I bought my G73 a few months back, it was with the intent of going SATA III whe...

edjanx by Level 7
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Urgently need HELP with G74 System Recovery

first of all sorry for my poor English - I am Ukrainian... so...recently i'd have more often and often such problem as fault of Explorer and after it comes another - dissaper one HDD...I decide to make restore to factory defaults but met such problem...

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G74s solid state hard drive upgrade

Hello all,I need some help in upgradeing my primary drive to a ssd drive and need some info,I am new to this so please forgive any dumb questions...I have the following..G74sx, 16gb ram, dual 750 hds, I am planning to upgrade the primary drive to an ...

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Hi, could someone post a link that is a guide to reformatting a g series notebook? More specific if there is any information regarding essentials to the G73jw-a1 notebook that I should look into, it would be helpful as well. Any links regarding this ...