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G75VX Mic Muffled and Low

Hey Guys,I've got a G75VX with a bad mic. I've tried installed all kinds of drivers and I believe it's happened after the upgrade to Windows 10.I only can see one item, the internal mic in the recording devices window.I've recorded a test and within ...

G752's - "Battery Health Charging"?

It certainly would be great if this utility could be used with the G752's. I am well aware that constantly bumping a battery back up to 100% is not good for the battery life span. It's nice to see this being implemented by Asus, but if it is at all...

ST9752 by Level 10
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Asus ROG G75VW LCD Problem (Help)

Hello, everyoneFirst I want to apologize for my bad English.Recently, my laptop's display stopped, byt on TV all work with HDMI and VGI I play games and everything is ok on TV.Before I'm shuffling the LVDS video cable, and display turn on and I play ...

camcapa by Level 7
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How to switch NVIDIA card to onboard card on G46VW

Hi everyoneMy G46VW's NVIDIA GTX card is not working anymore but I cannot afford to replace it. I need a way to:- Verify that I have a second Intel graphic card because I believe I have it but the specs page (

triet96 by Level 7
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asus rog 751jt sudden shut down

hi guys i just want to ask why my rog suddenly shuts down when ever i open dota 2. but never shuts down while surfing the net. only shuts down when i try to open dota 2. can i have some info to fix these thank you in advance...

dnver by Level 7
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bah! g751jy dead dvd drive. BR replacement?

So my DVD drive just up & quit responding. No light, no movement empty or with a disc, no disc logo next to the cursor when closing. I was able to open it using a paperclip in the reset hole & get my disc out. But...*If I order a Blu-ray player inste...