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Thinking about an Asus g74

as it stands i have a budget of $2000 and i can configure a Asus g74sx dh71 on xoticpc the way i like it for around $1608.But how ever i have 2-3weeks before i actually place my order.My brother bought a g73sw(or witch ever one with the SB i7 from be...

Holy by Level 7
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G53SX -bloatware

HiI just bought a G53sx - s1218v.I want to remove all the bloatware but i'm unsure about what I need and not!I also want to remove alot of the programs that is running in the background, but what programs do I need?

Retired by Not applicable
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G73JH - BSOD's (Random & in SWTOR)

I am hoping the Asus Gods or Chastity can provide some guidance. I have a G73JH, under warranty, that is randomly having BSOD as well as every time I log into Star Wars the Old Republic. Some history and information:Remedies Attempted1. Updated Bi...

clamm by Level 7
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G74SX Cleaning

How are you guys keeping yours clean? That slight rubberized material is kind of a pain with finger print smudges. I tried a micro fiber cloth with no luck. Maybe damping the cloth a bit will help?

JKB0076 by Level 7
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To asus - please develop fix for g73 freezing issue

To Asus:I think experience by myself and others with regards to G73 laptops freezing/crashing/etc when left at idle for periods of time, particularly given the success of using Throttlestop to solve these issues, has shown there is an issue with the ...

nuke235 by Level 8
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What are your settings in WoW?

HelloI have a G73Sw - Xti with the 2630QM / 1.5Gb 460M @862/1725/1600 and I had two questions for World of Warcraft.1. What settings should I use in WoW? I get a lot of variance on FPS, from 60FPS in Stormwind when no one is online to 15 or 10 in BGs...

Cleaning the case/keyboard/screen

What do you use to safely clean your system? I can see finger prints and smudges in many places, dust trapped in case/keyboard crevices, and so on. I don't want to ruin the rubber-ish coating.

Dttell by Level 7
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G74SX Black Screen after start up

Hello, I just recently bought the G74SX from Best Buy, and everything was working great for the first few days I had it, until today. I was browsing the internet, then closed the laptop, then later on I opened it up again, plugged my mouse into it, t...

Flash of orange just before log-on screen?

G53SX-A1When booting or loging on after hibernate/standby the entire screen flashes orange then to windows log-on screen.Over time the length of time the screen is orange is increasing. From barely perceptable to ~1 second.First off I thought that it...

g53ok by Level 8
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