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Cleaning the G74SX Shell? What should I use...

Hello! So the outside shell of my G74SX is kind of dirty, well not dirty but "dirty". A few times of using it with greasy fingers, etc. kind of left it looking not as clean as it was when I bought it.So I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions f...

Br4nd3n by Level 9
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G74SX WinFlash Problem!!!

Well, I'm one of those who got this damn Keyboard lag... Have had it since the laptop came out (summer) have waited for a fix, and found it on BIOS 203... I need WinFlash to install it... I download it from their site... I press Open,Next,Next,Instal...

Retired by Not applicable
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Product Replacement?

Hi. Sorry for making a third thread, but who would I contact concerning replacement? I got my laptop at Amazon Canada, but I am unsure if I would have to contact them or Asus directly.And yeah, decided to just replace my laptop since I still have my ...

G73SW messed up screen

Today I booted my laptop and was surprised to see the screen start in blue instead of black. From then on all black was blue and the screen flickered sometimes. When it finally reached windows login it flickered a couple of times more before turning ...

Black Screen after system restore

I recently had an issue with my laptop, I shut it down wrong (or so I think) and had an error the next time I loaded it making it run very slow, so I figured I had crashed something. I decided to reboot to safe mode and do a system restore to about a...

ASUS G74 Model Question and Inquiries.

Hi, I'm getting a gaming laptop as a graduation gift and choosing ALIENWARE is just too pricy right now.I can't get a desktop since I will be leaving the country soon after graduation and the space I will move into doesn't have space yet for a deskto...

Skye by Level 7
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Flight Simulator X Runs Quite Snappy on my G73Sw-a1 Laptop

Greetings, I recently purchased a refurbished G73Sw-a1 Laptop from an Amazon seller for a nice price. The machine was obviously brand new but did have an added Windows 7 sticker on the bottom of the machine ("for refurbished computers"). The original...

Bill_x by Level 7
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