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G74S numpad is not "numpad"?

So I'm trying to use Blender and all the camera presets are by default on the numpad keys (1, 3, and 7 are axis aligned cameras by default). Apparently though, my G74S is feeding the standard 1-9 keys instead of proper "numpad 1", "numpad 3" and so ...

Feynt by Level 7
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G53sw Screen replacement

My g53's screen has a stuck pixel and it's past the 30 days bright dot policy thingy. Is it still possible for me to get a replacement screen panel?

Clean W7 Install

I want to do this, but am iffy when it comes to bricking this. I have not flashed any BIOS updates due to fear as well. My question is there a step by step process for doing clean W7 install? Also, the thing is, I have the UPGRADE W7, not the full...

Does BIOS 202 fix Throttling Issues? (G74)

Just got myself a G74SX and in preparation for wiping everything and reloading drivers I noticed the need for ThrottleStop. However the threads which say to use it are all older then the BIOS 202 release date which specifically says "Update thermal ...

How do i overclock

Hey freinds...I have got a new asus g53sw-xn1 and wanted to overclock my gpu,but i am completely new to this...can anyone help me.

nadeem by Level 7
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Asus G74 Battery life

Ordered the corsair force series 120gb ssd yesterday so that should be showing up pretty soon. Was wondering if ill see any gain in battery life at all and was wanted to ask if anyone knew any other hardware upgrades i could do that would not only in...

[Guide] Howto install Intel 510 SSD

I recently perchased a G53S with a seperate Intel 510 120GB SSD. This is how I installed it and got it working with Win 7 Home Permium and all the ASUS Utilities. Hopefully you can do it too.Requried Items:SSD4gb USB drive or empty DVDI started off w...

Isamun by Level 7
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Does anyone have the new G74sx DH71?

each version seems so different, that i just want to find out if anyone here has any trouble with this one. it is one of the newest ones, and i haven't read as many problems with this one as some of the others. please let me know.

Asus g74 ssd installation help

My ssd should be coming in about an hour and i wanted to get everyones opinion on the best way to transfer over the os from my 500gb hard drive to the 120 gb ssd. I assume because there are 2 hard drive bays it would be fairly easy. Thanks in advance...

g74sx function key

Im new here, so if this is in the wrong place, please movie it. Here is the deal, I re-installed windows 7. When it was done the monior went dark, like it was in battery saving mode. I downloaded the funcation driver. All but one of the function keys...