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For those looking for the 2nd HDD caddy and 2nd HDD cable

Saw this on ebay, hdd cadddy and cable for $15 for those looking. Note I am NOT the seller, just saw it and thought it could help someone out

G74 Media Keys

This may have been asked before, so i apologise if i am repeating something, but is it possible to use the media keys on the G74 in other programs besides media center?

Retired by Not applicable
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Asus G74Sx Playback Hotkeys problem

Hi, I have a question concerning the Hot-keys for Playback.First let me start off with saying that I love my notebook, just got it from yesterday and you did a very good job. But there are a couple of problems unfortunately The numbers on the numpad ...

G74sx-bbk7 Recertified new owner

Hey guys im trying to do a fresh install with this system and the two 500gb ssh drives are set as ahci and when trying to install windows it prompts for a driver disk which i never got with my refurb.. so i tried the irst from intel and asus's websit...

XTR3M3 by Level 7
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G53sw ram

What would be the absolute best RAM I could get to upgrade my laptop? I have the standard 6gb that came in it right now and I'm looking for recommendations on what to get. Maybe an example of the absolute best and an example of the best for the price...

Difference Between G53SX-XN1 and G53SX-NH71

Can someone tell me the difference between these two models... as seen on newegg?XN1

Claytu by Level 7
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Power on through USB

Hello forum!I want to run my G74SX through an external monitor / external keyboard, and keep it stowed away with the lid shut.Problem is power on, since it seems I have to open the lid and press the power button every time I want to turn it on (which...

Asus G51V overheated, maybe dead?

I have an Asus G51V laptop and I believe it is overheating that is causing my problems, but I am not sure.I can boot the computer and it will sometimes get to the Windows Desktop, other times it will turn off before it even gets there. When I first h...

HWiNFO64 Reading Question

Dear comrades, I'm running HWINFO64, and it shows 4 cores jump like crazy from 798 to 3093 mhz. I used that program before and have never seen such a thing. Is this OK?

matador by Level 7
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