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Function key emulation?

Hi,I use a Microsoft ergonomic 4000 USB Keyboard and I'm wondering if there is some way to emulate the FN key from the laptop keyboard.I really hate not having immediate access to the functions, but I need the 4000 keyboard due to cts in both my wris...

Pink/purple textures in games

Well, my G73JH seems to be giving me all sorts of random problems lately. First it was BSODing after being put to sleep, and now this:For no apparent reason I'm getting pinkish purple textures in games. Above screenshot is from Half-Life 2: Lost Coas...

Disable turbo???

Hey guys I have an older asus g71-a2 and when I go into my Bios to turn off turbo gear and save to start windows it goes to a quick flash blue screen then restarts the same thing over and over until I turn it back on. Any ideas would GREATLY appreci...

G74SX Wifi issue with clean w7 x64 install

Hey everyone,I just installed windows 7 onto my ssd on my g74sx. Only problem is, I can't get the wifi to work. I have the intel card, and I can't get annny of the wifi drivers I find to work. Under device manager, the unknown device is "Network cont...

Carlos_F by Level 8
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Graphic outputs on G74SX laptop

Hello all,I am thinking of buying a G74SX laptop and wanted to know what outputs the graphic card has. Does it have DVI? Does it have HDMI? Does it have a Mini-display Port (apple standard monitors?Secondly, is there a need to have a docking stat...

G73JH - I broke the main speaker while assembling

I broke the speaker after repasting the thermal compound, while assembling back together, putting the speaker cord into fragile pins. At first attempt of re attaching the speaker cord, one of pin bent and got stuck inside of the cord. Pulled out gent...

nday76 by Level 9
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Upgrading new G73SW-XA1

Hi,I am about to receive my new G73SW-XA1 and was wondering what tests or checks I should run on it before I install the new SSD (Crucial M4 2.5") and then do a clean Windows 7 install with all of the correct drivers.I was looking at Asus' limited wa...

rshih by Level 7
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G73JH Will not power on

As the title says, the unit won't power on. The 'AC power plugged in' light on the front won't even light up.I suspect I screwed up a BIOS update, as the this occurred immediately following an attempt to go from 206 to 211.I was wondering if anyone ...

Retired by Not applicable
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internal wimax card

I havent opened up to explore the laptops motherboard, and quite frankly im lazy to do so, so ill ask if anyone here has pioneered this area before.I want to install an internal wimax card, into the laptop so i dont have a huge dongle from my provide...

Helios by Level 7
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