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G53SW backpack $31.99

I have found a Targus Groove CVR617 backpack that holds the G53SW in the sleeve nicely. This was just purchased at amazon for 31.99 USD. It is a no frills backpack with a pretty useless center pocket for a magazine or maybe a tablet. You pretty ...

mrmcgoo by Level 7
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Asus g73jh, regarding BIOS and vBIOS

I am going to do the vBIOS update right now, but I want to know a few things. Do I have to update my bios first? If I don't, is there a risk of bricking it? I am not under warranty anymore, have the American bestbuy version, but live in Ireland. Can ...

nerfer2 by Level 7
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Anyone know if this model supports 1600MHZ DDR3 Memory? The mobo is the G60J...or G60JX...not sure.I've already searched the forums and I can't find anything about it. Any info would be great.

Will they fix this?

So I just received my new G73SW-XA1 today and noticed that there is a yellow discoloration on my screen. I googled this issue and found one other case of the almost identical problem and location. The image below is the one that they posted, but mine...

rshih by Level 7
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Which G74SX is glossy / matte ?

Guys,I really want to buy myslef a new G74SX, but I cannot find an information about the type of a display those laptops have (glossy / matte ? ). I have called Amazon - guys don't know what they are selling. I have called Asus support - and it's eve...

help me with asus g74sx rh71

i just bought a asus g74sx rh71 with regular 750gb hard drive but im buying a 256 ssd hardrive to replace os drive and put ssd in main drive but what sata cable comes with rh71s main drive will the factory one work with the new ssd im gonna buy cuz i...

gibsonjk by Level 7
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So I think my new G74SX just died. :/

I installed BIOS 203, it shut down, and now won't turn back on. I took the battery out for 10 seconds, because apparently that fixes some issues. But yeah, nothing. It's plugged in, has the battery in, doesn't smell like anything burnt, so Iunno. I a...

Got my replacement finally, but...

I finally got my replacement! But I think that Asus was a cheapass this time. The first time, I had this amazing, beautiful mouse with animated LEDs and everything. This time they sent me some plain Logitech mouse. >.>; I feel sad now. But at least ...