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Transferring OS to new SSD

Ok, I have searched all over fort this, and I haven't found anything yet. I just need to know if it is possible, and if it is, then how. Can I transfer the OS to the new SSD i installed?

dadajack by Level 7
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Rotational Desktop Issues

I have the ASUS G74 gaming laptop and I was looking over the features of it and I came across the rotational desktop. It seemed like a nifty add in expect that when I try to open up the gaming desktop, the application that is suppose to run always cr...

Where can I buy a replacement battery for a G73?

Hi,My battery is absolutely dead. I need to replace it. Obviously this is pretty urgent for me.Where should I get a replacement? I need someone who can ship to Mexico and I haven't found any local vendors. I have googled but only found sketchy sites ...

dual booting

i wish to dual boot my G74S and would like to use the button for express gate thing to open linux. is it possible? if so please let me know how! any help would be appreciated, thank you. =]

raster3 by Level 7
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Skype and Mic

Anybody else with an issue involving Skype, or any other chat device, where if you play a game or enter a game, the sound statics and sounds like water to the other people?

Panda by Level 7
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G74SX ownership and such

Good eveningFor the past days my pc has been ownership issues (I need authorization to delete any file) even though I'm the administrator :confused:Microphones and headphones are no longer recognized as being inserted into the slots (via that message...

Aion by Level 7
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Thinking of replacing the BBK 900p screen for 1080

I have heard that the 1080 asus displays are much much better than the 1600x900 screens. Has anyone considered switching them out? I don't think it would be too difficult but I could be very wrong. I think the 3d models have a different 50 pin connec...

Retired by Not applicable
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G74 Screen Darkness (non)Uniformity

I made a black png in mspaint, 1920x1080, and viewed as a slideshow (to get the fullscreen image) in Windows Photo Viewer, and the black is far from uniform throughout the screen; certain sections are noticeably lighter. Screen at full brightness, i...

Doan by Level 8
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