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G74SX-TS1 vs M17

HelloI am in the market for a new laptop, was looking at the G74SX-TS1 on Tiger Direct, then went to the Asus website and say the info about ROG, and I am wondering is there a certain place to buy a ROG series Asus or is it just part of the Asus netw...

remuss by Level 7
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Some question

hi every onewhere is the best web site to buy g Series laptop?does g Series have Opimus ?( I hate it )does 3d worth it to add about 400 $ (I don't like game , I'm going to use it for designing and watching movies)is gtx 2g enough or I have to buy 3g ...

GTX560M problem with new NVIDIA driver 285.62-whql

Please help! What am i doing wrong with my ASUS G74sx Geforce GTX 560M?!?When i exchange NVIDIA driver 280.26-whql to the latest NVIDIA driver 285.62-whql the graphic performance in windows decreas from 7,2 to 6,5!!

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G53 White lines / pixels

Hi. I bought my G less than a month ago. Now when I start some DX11 apps (but I notice it sometimes in DX10 or 9) I see small white dots on textures and sometimes small white lines appear in random places on the screen.I googled for it, but found not...

4thrun by Level 7
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Nvidia 3D vision?!

Hi, I just bought an ROG ASUS G74SX 120 Hz 3DWhen i play and it starts with stereoscopic 3d, i can't turn it off. Anyone who can help me with this.?I tougt that you should use the ROG button, to turn on or off 3D, but that only changes the settings:...

dennisag by Level 7
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How can I turn off my touch-pad on G74SW ?

I use the function+F9 to turn my touch-pad off it's till working and I try to disable it from the finger sensing pad but it still working. I have a lot of problem with this. Can some one help me please:(

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Transferring OS to new SSD

Ok, I have searched all over fort this, and I haven't found anything yet. I just need to know if it is possible, and if it is, then how. Can I transfer the OS to the new SSD i installed?

dadajack by Level 7
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