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G73Sw-Xti Randomly shutdown and restart

For the past day, while I am palying World of Warcraft, the computer abruptly and without warning shuts down. It is not an overheat shutdown, the temperatures are 60's for the CPU and 70's for the GPU.Only seems to happen while gaming, so I uninstall...

G74SX touchpad

I've looked around and heard of problems with the G74SX touchpad but I can't seem to find any solution with my current problem. I my touchpad sometimes seems to be overly sensitive and when I try to use it to move the cursor, something (perhaps I hav...

Pockles by Level 7
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G74SX: HD Volumes E: and F: suddenly gone missing....

I noticed this morning that hard drive volumes E: and F: no longer show up in My Computer and are no longer accessible. Given the computer is just three weeks old, this is kind of bizarre. I had to remove one of the hard drives earlier when accessi...

power cable only powers at certain angles

I have a fairly new asus g53sw from newegg. I knew going into it I might have some power issues based on the comments on this forum and the reviews. My power issue seems to be slightly different.The power will cut out if the cable is not slightly mov...

durag5 by Level 7
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Internet w/ cable ****ing up big time

Hey guys, was some time I wrote in here...So I've noticed some issues with my laptop just recently. For almost eternity i've been sitting online with my wi-fi.And some time ago I decided to make it a bit neat in here with the cords and what not. Mean...

korre by Level 9
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G74SX and intel 6300 network problem

So I purchased one of the Intel Ultimate N card from Amazon, and having quite a bear getting it to work right.Installing the card was very easy. But after insta...

Multiple WiFi cards in G73Sw

I'm working on a G73Sw (have 2 of my own also) - Win7 SP1 64 bitMore info at topic here: is that we need to update/replace the Intel WiFi dri...

usasma by Level 7
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G74Sx-RH71 Fans and airflow

Hi all,I looked around and if there is one, I missed it, but I am looking for a detailed diagram or description of the airflow on the GS74Sx. I found one place online that said the air drew in from the bottom and blew out the back but my guess, that...

Larommi by Level 7
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