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Asus G53SX: Full HD vs 3D?

Hi! I were wondering your thoughts on which of the G53SX models I should buy. Been looking around and i noticed the one with 3D is 'only' 1366x768 while the other one i saw was full HD (1920x1080). Which gives the best gaming experience in games wher...

liaxo by Level 7
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fn-f9 (disable touchpad) doesnt work after OSRI

I reinstalled Win7 on my laptop to get rid of any unwanted software. Upon finishing up and installing all drivers and programs listed in this page: as far as I can tell, all fn...

Kavian by Level 7
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G53SW Sound problem!

Hey guys!Got a problem with G53sw soundcard driver...all the icons are in place and showing that its working but no sound. At first i got it working by uninstalling and installing the driver again. but now that doesn't work anymore. Updated bios, dow...

G53SW-XN1 laptop refuses to power on

Ok, so this morning in class my g53 laptop suddenly turned off without a warning. At first I thought it might of run out of power but it was plugged in. So I turned it back on, and all was fine for about 5 min after which it turned off instantly agai...

No ASUS Service Centres in Canada?

Are there none in Canada? Because I checked on the site and there don't seem to be any. If and when I get my laptop, and I want to update the BIOS, I am scared of doing it myself in fear of the laptop dying, regardless of me following the guide here ...

GTX560m heat issue?

Hello everyone,I recently bought a G53SX-XA1, and I have a concern about the heat. While playing Star Wars: The Old Republic, my GPU sits around 86c degrees. Is this a normal temperature? I am new to laptops, so I'm not sure if I should be concern...

How to flash BIOS without bricking? :S

Hey, sorry for all the threads I've been making lately. @__@; I just wanna make sure that if and when I get a new G74SX (for the third time), it won't brick like the last one.Anyone has any suggestions on how to flash the BIOS? Because I followed the...

G73Sw-Xti Randomly shutdown and restart

For the past day, while I am palying World of Warcraft, the computer abruptly and without warning shuts down. It is not an overheat shutdown, the temperatures are 60's for the CPU and 70's for the GPU.Only seems to happen while gaming, so I uninstall...