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Lost a screw inside G73sw

So I was installing my intel wireless card and I dropped one of the screws inside the laptop. I tried to turn it upside down to drop it out, but it went somewhere else inside the laptop and now I can't even hear it.I've tried unscrewing things throug...

rshih by Level 7
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Asus G73JH with 6970M. Need some help with fan control

Hey allHave a small problem. How does one control the GPU and CPU fan speed ? Also are they linked so if one part has a fault they just max out at 4500RPM ?We get that the EC controls the fans but is there any way to add othe trip points for the fans...

DH48 by Level 7
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G73JH hdmi output dead

I've been using my G73JH for the past year and enjoying it. I have run into what seems to be pretty common problems, and I wouldn't call the machine perfect, but it's been behaving well enough for me.However, just ran into a problem that I can't seem...

muiro by Level 7
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G53SW Touchpad Issues!!

Ok - I'm having serious issues with the touchpad on this laptop.After use - anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour - the touchpad will become erratic, making the use of the touchpad near redundant as the pointer will move in a way that makes it very har...

Hoff by Level 7
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New G73JW

Hi everyone! Just got a new Asus G73JW Notebook and was wondering a couple of things!What can I do to get the best performance out of my new notebook?It works like nothing I've ever had before, but the computer tech at the store said I should spend s...

G74SX-TS1 vs M17

HelloI am in the market for a new laptop, was looking at the G74SX-TS1 on Tiger Direct, then went to the Asus website and say the info about ROG, and I am wondering is there a certain place to buy a ROG series Asus or is it just part of the Asus netw...

remuss by Level 7
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Some question

hi every onewhere is the best web site to buy g Series laptop?does g Series have Opimus ?( I hate it )does 3d worth it to add about 400 $ (I don't like game , I'm going to use it for designing and watching movies)is gtx 2g enough or I have to buy 3g ...

G53 White lines / pixels

Hi. I bought my G less than a month ago. Now when I start some DX11 apps (but I notice it sometimes in DX10 or 9) I see small white dots on textures and sometimes small white lines appear in random places on the screen.I googled for it, but found not...

4thrun by Level 7
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