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Asus G53SX Noise

I have got my new Asus G53SX few days ago and this sound came out and it's seeming loud. I don't know if it should be normal or not. Please help me. Is there an issue with the hardware?Link

sivl92 by Level 7
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Asus G74Sx Hard Top Replacement?

Hey guys,I love this forum, gotten tons of help from you guys for my problem I once had. I used to have a very big problem with the keyboard lag as I can type very fast and the laptop wouldn't pick up on it, but I replaced the Bios with 203 and insta...


light beeping on G53S?

I have been experiencing a very light buzzing sound coming from the keyboard, especially when i'm's rly quietbut noticible when i'm gaming in a quiet room, so it's kinda annoying.any1 know how to fix this?

G74SX Fan Problems

I just got my G74SX laptop.This only happens after a cold start, meaning it has been shutdown for a few hours (over night). On startup the fan makes a load buzzing sound, once it hits the desktop it stops, after the startup I can't get the sound to c...

Airbird by Level 7
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Asus G73JW 3D Notebook For Sale NEW

Item is NEW For Sale, Can go through eBay if you wish. Asking $1100 or best offer. This is the 3D version of the laptop. It has a 120hz screen, built in 3D Emitter, and includes 3D Glasse...

G73SW A1 Video Display Problems

Wow am I frustrated! Since Sept. 2011 I started to get problems on my 3 month old laptop. The video started fluttering and an error message just came up that video display drivers have stopped responding and have successfully recovered. This went on ...

jabba77 by Level 7
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RAID 0 on G74SX.

Hi, How can I set my two 500gb 7200rpm Seagate hard drives to RAID 0, Does Intel RST program have an option for that? If not what is the best software RAID program? Thanks.

Gimped or good.

I am just curious but everyone always knocks the "gimped" best buy version saying its not a good machine and I have noticed at least on another thread that my score in 3d mark vantage is like a thousand points more than the "real" g74's that others a...

tkd_ron by Level 8
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