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Does anyone know the max ram on the G71G-A1 available?

Does anyone remember...

the name of the best program to monitor temperatures and fan speeds? i remember some guys on one of my research boards, talking about it, when i was investigating buying this machine (g74sx). but i don't remember which one it was. any help is appreci...

G74sx, am major floop pf Asus,failed in any way

It's time for asus to wake up, what are you doing right now?You call g74sx a gaming laptop? joking, A gaming lap should have high end graphic and not fixed graphic, the cooling and big body is really over kill in this model, look at alienware, exchan...

mzonexy by Level 7
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G74SX Virtual Surround over headphones... help!!!

Hi guys,I recently bought this really good laptop but i have a problem. I want to play my games with surround virtualization over headphones but with THX TruStudio installed it isn't avayable... if i DISINSTAL THX TruStudio the option for surround vi...

DVD/CD rom malfunction

harrow thar ('-')/just before Christmas i had to send in my 1 year old (still within the warranty) G73JW at ASUS Nordic Call Center in Norway, because it had a defect screen, but when i got it back after 1.month, the screen was fixed, and the connect...

Allsauce by Level 7
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ASUS G1 Missing driver ( I know its an old laptop )

I have an Asus G1 laptop running Windows 7 x86 Ultimate and in the device manager under Other Devices it says Base System Device with a " ! " . I can't find the Driver for that on the Asus website cause they only have Vista Drivers. Does anyone know ...

G-series question

I'm interested in purchasing either a G53sw/sx, G73sw, or G74 and am trying to make the best informed decision.I already know to avoid the Best Buy models (BST, BBK, ect) but are there any others to avoid?Also, are all the G53SX machines equiped with...

Black Screen (or lack thereof) after driver fail

Only turns on, black screen only, will not boot. Hope it is only a driver issue.Was surfing and had game going when screen went to white vertical bars. Video came back and gave a pop-up about how the video driver failed but was able to recover. Wit...

Gruntuz by Level 7
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G73 freezing when I have flash installed.

Hello all. I bought an Asus G73jh a month ago, and I love it. I am having a problem though, and I've tried to search this forum to no avail for an answer, so I joined specifically just to ask this question and hope that someone can help me. I have...