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Asus G53SX will not boot up after bios update 209

Hello everyone,I just flash the bios on my Asus G53SX to version 209 and now it will not boot anymore, no sound, no light nothing... Great...I downloaded the bios from Asus website from the Asus G53SX section as you can see on this screenshotDo you k...

Mirumoto by Level 7
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G73SW-XR1 problems/questions.

Hey guys i just have a couple of questions.1. My left exhaust fan makes a clicking sound that at idle isnt too noticeable but when the gou fan starts going faster hte clicking gets louder, but it is still pushing out air. Is there anyway to fix this?...

Cpu clocks down when playing battlefield 3

Hi!I have a Asus g53sx with 8 gigs of ram and Core i7 2720qm.My current problem is that the cpu clocks down both the Frequency and the voltage while im ingame. This i think, is the result of the major FPS Drop i have ingame. Because when it clocks do...

G74 is a male or a female :)

How you can know if your lappy is a female or a male? Open Notepad Type this in the notepad: CreateObject("SAPI.SpVoice").Speak"Agent X Y i love you" Save it as computer_gender.vbs Run it ... and let us know Mine is : female

panth3ra by Level 8
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G73JH unable to install Ati Driver.

Good day,I just got back my laptop from Asus, as my cooling fans died on me.Asus wipe the HD , so I had to re-install Win7 , so far so good , I was able to install everything expect the ATI driver, either it would give me a BSOD or it would say it fa...

Gino by Level 7
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Asus G74Sx and W7 32 bits

Hi everyone!!Finally I've got my Asus G74 SX and it's impressive. I've been using it for over a week with an intensive gaming experience and up to the moment I didn't have a problem.I need to use engineering software that only works under 32 bits...

Lempziv by Level 7
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Normal GPU temp

I'm playing SWTOR on my G53SX-XA1. My GPU is running at 86c most of the time, and occasionally kicks up tot he low 90s when running flashpoints (dungeons). I do not live in a hot environment, the exhaust ports are not blocked, I have used compressed...

Is the G74SX TH71 a good option?

Hello guys,I am about to purchase a G74SX TH71 from ll be getting it from an uncle in the US as I stay in India.

ClintonD by Level 7
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