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ASUS G750 Preparing Automatic Repair

About a week ago, I started getting the "Preparing Automatic Repair" when I would try to start Windows 10 64bit. Upon entering the BIOS, I saw that my SATA 0 slot was empty (where my boot drive should be). After a bit more fiddling, I was pretty sure...

BridKid by Level 7
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G751JY AC charger disconnects while gaming.

So a few months ago my battery died, which in turn made my computer turn off while gaming. It seemed that the computer (GPU?) needed more power than the AC could give causing it to shut down. So I got fixed the battery and everything worked fine for ...

G752VS + Oculus Rift requires restart to work.

Booting Windows from cold always results in the same Oculus Rift experience... the image bounces all over the place inside the headset and the Oculus client shows 'Repeated Catastrophic Failure' errors for the sensors.But a simple Windows restart and...

red666 by Level 7
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G752vt high temps, thermal paste suggestions?

Hello. So I've had my VT for about a year and a half now and temps are getting really high. Like 90C+ high and I'm absolutely sure it's in need of a repaste now. Went to my local ROG partnered repair shop but they ran out of thermal paste and told me...

What is this notebook?

I see this video and I see the laptop but I did not realize what is that Asus rog desktop, since it is showing two physical buttons on mousepad. And when I see the Strix Scar Edition and Strix Hero Edition in the Asus sit...

gilpkr by Level 7
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G752VL cant disable hibernate

need a little help. I just replaced the hard drive on my G752VL with a SSD and for some reasion I cant seem to turn off the hibernate when I close the screen. the system seems to hang and Im SOL - not thing seemed to work - I ended up having to redo ...

tekno by Level 7
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G751JY boot problems. HELP. BIOS boot only.

Today is a sad, sad day for me. Yesterday my laptop worked fine, I was gaming and having fun. I turned it off and went to bed. Next morning I booted it, and BAM, straight to the BIOS - and it will not boot Windows (I have Windows 10). Since then I've...