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Interested in purchasing a new G74SX..???

Hello My ROG mates,Recently i ended up with Two Asus G74sx-91234z laptop,i would like to sell one this ,if you are interested pls have a look at the below link..

G74Sx - Slim Drive

Having an odd issue with the Slim drive in my laptop. Brand new opened box Tuesday, tried to install some games onto it and it won't read the DVD that is put into it.It will read:Blu-rayCD-RomsBlank DVDsIt will not read:Any DVD with data already on i...

6230N Centrino WI-FI Card help!

Help me please, I cant turn bluetooth adapter off., Wireless console won't work, What do I do?? I downloaded lastest drivers for everything Including the new 6230 I installed its alot better than ****ty atheros


Hey guys I have an asus g71g and I want to put a fresh windows 7 on it. When I get to the installation section I notice that there is lots of partitions like: disc 0 partition 1, disc 0 partition 2 DATA, disc 1 partition 2 etc... This laptop had a pr...

Windows Live Mesh question..

I do not use any of the features in Live Mesh but in Control Panel, under Programs, I have 12 Windows Live Mesh- Active X Controls installed. All in different languages. My G74SX shipped with these installed. So my question is.... can they be uninsta...

G73JW BSOD Every Couple Of Hours/Minutes

hi im getting a BSOD every couple of hours while im using the computer. when i leave the computer on while downloading and i dont use it the BSOD happens After About 20-30mins.i updated all the drivers, BIOS etc. still the problem persistsi've Ran C...