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Will this RAM work in my G74sx?

Hi all. Been searching around past week To what ram to chuck in my G74sx to upgrade it a little. I only have 2x4 gigs of the Standard Ram that came in itLooking at these'm new to all this so ca...

mbart79 by Level 7
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Hi everyone,So I have a G74SX-AH71, and I've been reading that the GTX560M apparently has 2 versions. It has a 128-bit and a 192-bit version. The G74SX-AH71 has the GTX560M with 3GB of memory, but I am unable to find any information on whether it i...

g73jh Cpu temps

i was just wondering what other users with the g73jh are getting as far as cpu temps and is the jump in temps normal. i recently repasted my gpu and cpu with icd7 and am getting around 42*-45*c on the cpu but jumps while browsing to 48*-50* is thi...

How to reverse Fn key in G73sw??

Hi all, I have a G73sw XT1 and wondering if it is possible to reverse the Fn Key, i.e. just press F12 to increase volume instead of Fn+F12 to do it. I have tried to look into bios but seems there is no options to change it.....?Thanks ~

Asus or MSI

So I was orginally going to get but prior to me ordering I saw some comparisons between that and

New G74SX owner here.

Hello everyone. I have a few problems that I'm trying to find a fix for. Perhaps someone here can give me some suggestions? After updating my BIOS to 203 the keyboard lights are not turned on anymore. Is there a fix for that? Also I seem to have gone...

Can i use my Spare G-73 Charger on my G-51 laptop?

i have a spare G-73 charger i was hoping would work on my G-51 laptop so i dont have to keep undoing my charger from my desk setup when i travel, the only thing i noticed is that the g-73 charger is 19.5 volt vs the g-51's 19 volts and its 7.7 amps v...

85gslse by Level 7
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BIOS Flash - External Harddrive Not Recognized?

Hey guys, so I FINALLY got my new G74SX and I wanted to flash the BIOS, but it didn't detect my external harddrive.The instructions said to format it to FAT32, but the only option that was available for my external harddrive (other than NTFS) was exF...

What to do with new G74SX-NH71 ? got my laptop in today...and im desperately wanting to install SW:TOR and immediately jump in and start playing...BUTI want to make sure that before I do anything gaming related that th...

Mimmick by Level 7
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