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ASUS G73JH video card not detected

Im new to the forums and kinda a noobie at pc progs and what not and was wondring if any 1 could help me with this problem ive been at for 2 days the video card stopped working after i shutdown for the night and when turned on in the next morning it ...

Xone by Level 7
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CPU Temp Sensor? Is it showing the true results?

Hello, I've noticed something today. When I stress my CPU with Prime95, I've checked temp's of CPU and they are not stable, one second they are 60 degrees, another second they are 90 then 80 ect.. I want to ask if this is normal or not ? I have a G74...

Galdor by Level 7
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Headphone hack emits red light!

Well, first, i am going to sue astro's ass of over their quality control, but for now, i will post this. So, my the tip of my headphone plug broke off in my jack, and after i got it out, the jack started emiting this red light and it became finicky a...

Basilo by Level 7
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Asus just released a new Bestbuy version and it looks to be sporting a 1080p screen now. The specs on BB website doesn't specify it but a quick Google search does. It looks to still have a 560m 2gb card though. $1249.I'm have tempted to try to pit...

JKB0076 by Level 7
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Looking to trade my g73

I love my g73sw, but it is just too big to take with me to class and whatnot . I haven't had much luck finding any laptop trading sites. I was wanting to get a g53 with similar specs( a little less ram would be fine). Anyone have any suggestions on w...

Considering a G74SX-NH71...

I came across this board while researching Asus notebooks and I'm seriously considering getting a G74SX-NH71.'m looking for a powerful new notebook, and while I don't do any gaming, I do...

rp33 by Level 7
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Optical Drive is Gone

About 20 minutes ago, my G74SX-3DE tells me that it detected that a CD had been inserted. I thought that was odd, so I pressed the eject button, but nothing happened.On the My Computer page, I right clicked on the drive and chose Eject, but it gave m...

Keyboard Protection G74SX

Hello everyone,Would any advise a keyboard protector for the G74sx?If you do , please let me know where i can get one because im worried if dust get in the keys.Thanks

Azzazel by Level 7
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USB Malfunction G74

Hey all,Well didn't take too long, I am loving the laptop but have a USB port that seems to be acting up. It will randomly disconnect and reconnect. Not sure which port it is, but it says this on the description: Port_#0002.Hub_#0003Anyone know what ...

Ray-Ban by Level 7
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