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Battery Life Problems?

When the battery is at 100% charge, I only get about 1 hour 30mins of battery life on power saver at idle. I looked around the internet and most reviews had at least 2 hours. According to HWiNFO, the battery has a 2.8% wear level which I don't think ...

Question about clean windows install on G74SX

So I've had my G74SX-XA1 for just over a month, and have been reading comments in this forum about doing a clean windows install or factory install right when you get the G74. So I haven't done this, and I'm thinking about doing this, but I just want...

g74sx-rh71 wireless help

Hey guys just bought a g74sx-rh71 and my wireless d/l speed is PAINFULLY slow. im downloading star wars the old republic at about 180.00 kb/s and my old crappy laptop would download it at about 1.5mb/s . also anything else i download is about equally...

Asking about Playing games in 3D

Hi,So I only got my new laptop G74SX-DH73-3D about 2 weeks.And the first game I play when buy this laptop was Fifa 12 and SkyrimSo, i was able to play it in 3D (Not the red-blue 3D).But After 1 week of playing i need to go out of town.. I dont bring ...

My ASUS wont start when i press power button

i updated my bios 202 to 203 because of the 2d/3d ROG button. and when i updated with EasyFlash it finished and it was gonna to restart, after the restart it wont start! no signs of lights or fans. nothing happens when i push the power on button.plea...

tegnebok by Level 7
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Screen Blinking/Flashing on Asus G74sx

Hi guysI'm currently experiencing (since 1 week or so) in windows or in game its blinking a black screen for 1 sec(sometimes quicker) then goes back to normal , it happens randomly , sometimes never , what could be the issue? The solutions i tried :O...

Chrono by Level 7
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Buying used G74sx

Hey, I was looking into buying a used G74sx DH71 from amazon and was wondering what the warrenty situation would be. Do you think it will support the full Asus warrenty? It is sold by amazon and is like new.

Shensai by Level 7
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Complete Upgrade Guide for G74?

A while back, I believe MarshallR@ASUS said there would be a guide posted that includes everything that is upgradable for the G74. Was that ever posted?

Doan by Level 8
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