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g53jw no sound and FN key not working, help!!

need help i´ve no sound and fn key doesnt work.this happened while trying to set audio to go through the hdmi cable.i thought maybe theres some other program controlling audio so i uninstalled the audio drivers.after that i had no sound, the speaker...

fedejol by Level 7
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G73 with Cooling pad

Would a cooling pad be effective on a G73?How much would it cool the laptop by and any suggestions of which cooling pad to get?Thanks.

Retired by Not applicable
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G73jh vertical lines after overclocking 5870 mobility

Downloaded Chastity's VBIOS with unlocked AMD overdrive. I just changed GPU clock to 800 mhz, and after 20-30 minutes of gaming vertical lines freeze the laptop completely. Looks like: I ret...

Val by Level 7
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G74SX Built in Web Cam

Never ever have I used a web cam. Sounds like kind of a cool thing to have though.How would I go about testing the one on my unit to see if it works and see the quality of the video it generates?Skype seems like a neat way to communicate with family ...

popping noise from left speaker?

i just bought my g74sx-rh71 a few days ago, and for some reason the left speaker will randomly make a loud annoying "pop" every 2 to 5 minutes. has anyone else had this problem? if so do you know if it is a hardware problem or some other fix? i appre...

New G74SX-BBK7 owner, few questions

While in BB to buy my middle schooler a laptop, I came across an open box (display model) of the G74SX, They cut me an incredible deal on it as it came with no software or battery. I bought it for me to replace my desktop. I've been trying to read...

awarsoca by Level 7
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G53JW-A1 : Same power, tighter package

The G53 series represents the same quality and performance one expects from Asus' G73 series, but in a slightly smaller form factor. It has the same keyboard as it's bigger siblings, a smaller trackpad with dual buttons, and a 15.6" Full HD (1080p) ...

Chastity by Level 10
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G74SX-NH71 with DVD play back flicker

After a clean install, and using the latest stable video card driver, when I'm playing DVD's, every so often I get a hitch. It looks like some sort of lag, but I can not imagine what would cause it. I run Avast antivirus only, but at 12 gigs of RAM...

G74 SX 3d Screen

Hi,I think this is the correct place to go.I have a G74SX which does not have a 3D screen, I am looking to potentially upgrade the internal screen on the notebook to a 3D screen, is this possible - if so where can i get it from and what is the part n...