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G73SW-A1 Primary disk partition question

I have two 500 GB HDD's. The primary has 3 partitions including the "C" and an additional partition (can't remember it's letter) and the recovery partition. My question regards the Primary HDD/partitions. What I want to do is increase the size of t...

G73SW-A1 Screen goes Blank then idles

The problem started recently, was hoping to play some FalloutNV, game loaded played for a few minutes then the game suddenly freezes and sound gets all scratchy and the screen goes blank and the computer just idles and i have to hold the power button...

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the G73

Hi I was at Pax East and met you Brian and I wanted to iterate my thoughts here about what I thought of this ROG laptop. Overall its the best gaming laptop I had. And for the convience of BYOC its quite possibly the best scenario of build up and br...

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mouse pad?

my Right hand mouse clicker thingy don't work and it won't scroll down when i try through the side it's on my g74sx (i think i got bbk7) :confused: anyways in detail it won't click like it goes down but it won't click the left one works but the right...

jaqel by Level 7
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Need help in choosing a G73 model

I'm thinking of which G73 model to pick as a present from my family.I was gonna go for the G74 but the local store has only 1 stock of it left and they said that someone had already got it.So I considered getting an MSI GT780 but the store only has t...

Skye by Level 7
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What drivers to download for my new G74?

Ok guys, new to the board here. I just bought a new G74SX-NH71 off of New Egg along with a stick of memory and a Crucial M4 128GB SSD. Planning on doing a fresh install of Windows on the SSD as soon as I get it, and was just wondering exactly which h...

New Owner G74SX-DH72

Wanted to let people know that I have had my machine for over 2 weeks. Had no issue with the origianl setup. Did a complete wipe of the SSD and installed Windows Ultimate with the updated ASUS Drivers found thru this forum. Purchased PowerDVD 12 U...

tgmlab by Level 7
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Very very odd problem with my G74SX

It is Very Odd and weird,my G74sx-AH71 ‘s C side(the keyboard and speaker side,but not the keyboard or the soft touch part,it is the metal around the keyboard) vibrates!!!It’s a problem since I bought it,at first it vibrates sometimes(didnt plug vga)...

illusion by Level 7
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