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hd replaced with ssd now what ?

ok guys i replace my hd with a corsair 120gb ssd force 3 for 150$ , i manage to copy my recovery discs that best buy made forme , everything is working perfect so far , what else do you guys recommend me to do should i turn off something or on someth...

gilbert by Level 10
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WM7 and PowerDVD11 Ultra on an ASUS 73SW-A1

I know this isn't related to gaming but haven't been able to get info from other forums.My laptop came with Win 7 HP which I upgraded to W7 Professional. A while back I removed Roxio CinePlayer (Came preinstalled) and installed PowerDVD 11 Ultra. I w...

Bluetooth Drivers?

I just did a fresh install of windows and installed all the drivers from the sticky thread, but windows cannot find the Bluetooth drivers for my phone (sprint galaxy s2). I have the Intel 6230 Wi-Fi/BT card and it worked just fine before I reformatte...

New G74SX Owner

Hi everybody,I have recently replaced my old G71GX for a new G74SX and i wanted to thanks all the people on this forum for all the good advices. I have upgraded my G74 with 8Go xtra memory plus a 128 Go SSD for the OS and obviously did a clean fresh ...

Nico7 by Level 7
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[FIXED] So, uh... my trackpad died.

Hello boys, girls, and strange beings.While using my G74Sx-TH1 just a couple of minutes ago I turned off the trackpad (using the Fn + F9 shortcut) to use Google Reader using keyboard shortcuts, like I always do. When I decided to use the trackpad aga...

rmcsc by Level 7
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Asus G74sx - which SSD??

Hi all!!I have Asus g74sx with 750gb hdd 7200rpm.I want to buy one SSD as the primary disk... what do you recommend?? I opted for OCZ VERTEX 3 120gb...Thanks !!!

Giako by Level 7
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G-74SX-BBK7 specific drivers

Hi everyone, this is my first post in the forums and before anything else I would like to say that I am loving my new G74SX even if its the lower-end version. More power to you guys.First off I have the bbk7 version. These are the driver updates I ...

Atheros FIX

in the Atheros properties change "wireless mode selection" from auto to 802.11b/g.I also disabled "802.11 bluetooth high speed" because I never use bluetooth, you can try to keep it on if you want.Im using driver / G53SW, connection now is ...

spamme by Level 7
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Reboot and Select proper boot device g73jh

Hello, guys I'm new to the forums I've had my asus g73jh for about 7-8 months now. I actually have several problems:First, when I leave the computer on Sleep or just leaving it on so the screensaver comes on the message "reboot and select proper boot...