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G53sx red speckles games unplayable

hey guysi really need your help, i hope someone has seen this before. i have only had my laptop for about a week now. Whenever i put any load on my graphics card, say a game or even the windows rating my screen gets all speckled with red pixels. i wi...

G74SX-KBB8 BlueTooth Issues

Hey guys,I have a issue >.>I reformated Windows using a clean install, so no bloatware and stuff, and I tried to install the Intel BlueTooth drivers off ASUS's website, and in the middle of installing the drivers I get the following error: http://img...

G73JH ethernet port

Is the ethernet port on this laptop separate from the motherboard. It has a usb port right next to it. The dis assembly video looks like it might be a separate part. Where would I get a replacement for this?

G74sx Media key

Hi,Recently purchased a g74sx and loving it. It's been running great. My only complaint is the amount of stuff I started with and the sound is a bit meh. Otherwise, runs wonderfully. However, I can't quite seem to do anything but open windows med...

G-74SX-BBK7 Keyboard Problems (Ctrl Key)

Hey all. Got a G-74SX-BBK7 Laptop quite awhile back and there has been a problem that's been here since the start with the laptop, sorry if a thread about this is already around I haven't been able to find much at all :confused:. After awhile of play...

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Need Advice G53SX-XA1

So, first post here. I purchased a 53SX-XA1 a couple of days ago from an online retailer. I was initially shipped an Asus slimbook instead of my order and after exchanging it there was an additional problem with my the time it was all said ...

Dead G73Jh???

Did a restore to factory settings, machine will not boot. Powers on, lights come on, HDD light blinks, but nothing on the screen. Machine boots for about 2 seconds then powers off!

Someone help me please!

hi, ive had an asus g73jh for around a year and a half now, and this week something weird hapened i will try to explain but take into account that english is not my native lenguage so it may be a little confusing.i was using my laptop like 5 days ago...