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memory on g74sx

doe anyone knows if this memory 16 gig type support on this system?crosair from bestbuy

G53s BSOD and OCZ Vertex3 SSD

Greetings. First post, so please be gentle I have a new G53s which I installed an OCZ Vertex3 SSD as the primary drive (that was a crazy adventure all in it's own.)Now I have 2 major problems, and I don't know if they are related or not, so I would ...

G53SX-XT1 - Speakers sound horrible!

Hi guys, I'm new here, this is my first post. I came across this awesome laptop on blackfriday and had to jump on the deal. The ASUS G53SX-XT1.I've been using a MacbookPro for some time now (im a graphic/web designer) and it has been great. I decided...

neenja by Level 7
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New G74 screen dilemma

Hi,I'm looking to buy a new G74 as I read very good things about it. My only problem is the screen.I want to use it as both a game machine and a regular-use one (lots of browsing, reading, coding) which involves dealing with text all the time.This is...

ngetal by Level 7
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G53JW two finger scrolling sometimes not working!

Hello everyone,Recently i installed new synaptic driver for my g53jw, and with that update i now have two finger scrolling.But the thing is that its not working properly, i mean its working but i need like 5-10 times to pull my fingers down/up so it ...

G53SX: Games freeze

Is been 2 weeks, Super Street Figther 4, Dota 2, Devil May Cry 4 and more... freeze but the background music still running like normal, it happened after half an hour, sometimes around 15min...everything become frozen, i cannot alt+tab or ctrl+alt+de...

dohh by Level 8
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Fresh install

Hello I just bought a g74sx off of newegg and I was wondering if I did a clean install of windows and used the product key provided with the notebook, will I void any sort of warrenty?

acswift by Level 7
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New G53SX Owner here

So I know this is kinda late but I just bought a G53SX with these specsi7-2630QM8GB ramNVIDIA GTX560m 2gb (the "gimped" 128bit version)Etc. etc.Was wondering what to do, lots of bloatware but hasn't bugged me yet.I already did a system restore point ...

Skye by Level 7
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g73jh Extreme project

So here it goes, I got a g73jh and as most of us know. Despite the fact that it is still a formidable rig, it is not quite on the same par as a gaming desktop or a more top end gaming laptop like a fully loaded m18 or Clevo. So I have decided to up...

USB 3.0 and 2.0 same speed

Helloi have an interesting issue, transferring speed of my usb 3.0 hub is the same as 2.0. Both transfer at the speed of 8 mb/sec on my flash drive. How can i solve this problem? All drivers are installed for 3.0 updated up to date, tried different d...

illia by Level 7
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