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G53sx-DH71 Performance verification please.

Greetings,I just purchased a brand new Asus G53sx-DH71. Specs below.Display:15.6" LED (1920x1080) MatteVideo Card:2048MB nVIDIA DDR5 GTX 560MDriver Version 295.73Processor:2nd Generation Intel® Mobile Core i7 2670QM Memory:12GB DDR3 1333MHzHard Drive...

Crashes after driver update

Hi all, new guy here and an owner of an Asus G70S. Had a problem so I thought best place to come was here. Asus G70S LaptopT9400 Core 2 Duo 4GB Ram2 x 8700M GT w/ SLI Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit Recently Nvidia issues the 295.73 update so I went ahead...

ace9988 by Level 7
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G74SX-NH71 vs. G74SX-AH71

Hi all,New to buying laptops... soon being deployed and in need of a good gaming laptop.While browsing through Best Buy looking for ideas I saw an ASUS G74SX-BBK9 which I liked, but I told myself I would look around before I make a rush decision. I'v...

Ralisk by Level 7
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G53SW fps issue/game performance

Hi, yesterday I bought G53SW. I have with it a terrible problem with the notebook gaming performance. Playing The Witcher 2 low, all off, FHD it's unplayable, 10-20 fps. Same with Battlefield 3 which is playable only on low and everything off but now...

Felu by Level 7
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My Friend wants a gaming notebook... Money no object!

Hey there, I am new to this website and I have a question for all of you. What kind of notebook should my friend get, if he has lots of money to spend on it? This is a list directly from him with what he wants:-Lots of RAM! I don't mind overkill!-Lot...

G73JW Spikes & Freezes

Hi. I bought my G73JW a year ago and it was working fine until a couple of months ago. It started to suffer from these ''spikes'' Everything just freezes for a couple of seconds, no matter what I'm doing, and more often when it's running games.I've t...

Lawisher by Level 7
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What this computer needs is an enema!

Hi all, Ive had my G60vx for almost 2 years now and its still going strong, I love it. I want to give it a thorough overall e.g, making sure drivers are all up to date, getting rid of old software, etc. Im looking for any recommendations, either piec...

G74SX Stupid Touchpad Questions...

First up: When I open the mouse application and click the synaptics portion of it, the repsone in that part of the application if very "laggy" Take a second or two to respsond to clicks. Anyone else see this? The rest of the computer seem to resp...

frazzxr by Level 7
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G74SX-DH71 Questions

I have 4 Questions 1. This came with a Mouse that i really like but i did not get the software with it were can i download the software its Model number is MOBKUL it goes simply by ASUS ROG Laser Gaming Mouse 2. Can anyone tell me if this mode had th...