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G74 Stalls And System Crashes

last few weeks i noticed that my g74 is now randomly completely stalling and locking up i have to hard reset it to turn it off... any ideas? its very new like 3 months. why would this happen? how do i check the logs ??

G73sw problems while gaming

Whats up guys, new here to the forums and was looking for some help on my notebook. I have been having some problems with my notebook lately a few months ago something happened to my computer and I had to system restore. After that I windows updated ...

Irvin by Level 7
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Keyboard Lag & 3D question

Hello,G74SX-RH71, its about 8 days old and I am not happy at all with this keyboard lag issue. Seems i am not the only one. It came stock with the 203 bios and the .08 ATK files and the Keyboard Filter files. As per Chastity's request I ha...

balrog by Level 7
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need some help

i just replaced a ac port on my g53 and now it keeps crashing on me and giving me a blue screen saying a unexpected fatal error occured and it then shuts down, it charges the battery and runs on ac power so i know i fixed the port just not sure how t...

mouse cursor issues

So I looked around the forum and fixed most of the issues with the keyboard, but I am still having problems with my mouse cursor. It would randomly jump to different areas on its own. For example, while I would type, the cursor would sometimes jum...

acswift by Level 7
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Dual Display Problems

Whenever I connect my G74SX to my 32 inch LG monitor the display on the LG is zoomed in slightly. They are both at 1080p and I have the latest drivers. I am just confused, does anyone have any help?EDTI: NVM got it working

G74SX - Disabled Webcam & Blueray player

This is just a minor annoyance on my part but every reboot or when the computer returns from sleep/hibernation the Webcam and CD/DVD Blueray player is disabled in devicemanager.I have tried to remove and re-detect the webcam & CD/DVD Blueray but with...

Asus G53SX loud fan noise issue.

Well I'm back again, this time with another problem. Now I just wanted to make it clear now that I already tryed fixing the noise issue threw the power4gear settings and changing the fans to passive. At first this worked, now five mintues earlier it ...

Dav_f by Level 7
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G73SW Wifi Upgrade options..

Recently my N71 had bit the dirt ( last 3 days of the warranty thank god ) and since ASUS couldn't fix it they replaced it with G73SW. Its a pretty nice unit if you ask me ( Q2630, 8GB, 460M, BDRom ) i mean it looks like they went out of their way to...

_Adrian_ by Level 7
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