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My 1st Gaming laptop

After doing weeks of research for a gaming laptop .... I bought the asus G74SX-XT1 from tigerdirect is currently on sale… THANK GOD!! I was between th...

kenrom by Level 7
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G73JH Woes & Problems

I have finally reached an end and am at a complete standstill as for what I can do. I am having so many issues with my G73JH that I can longer stand it any longer.Anyway, the issues at hand have finally been filtered down to 3 things or so.1st issue ...

G53SW intermitantly won't power up.

I've owned my G53SW now for almost a month maybe almost 2 now About a few weeks ago when I went to power it on the screen doesn't light up and the backlit keyboard flashes up and stays lit... the system seems to be running but nothing comes up on t...

G53 - Models SX, JX & SW?

Curious did these all get released at the same time or are these revisions of one??? Just that I own a SW is that the older of the 3?

Power supply

Hey guys my power supply gave out and I was just wondering if I would get the same performance with this power supply as the $50 150 watt on amazon. This one is significantly cheaper and its 120 watts.

Problems while playing MKV files

for the last few weeks i'm having some troubles playing MKV movies,I usually connects my G73SW-A1 to my LCD TV to watch those movies,So I actually have no idea if the problem occurs also while watching the movie on the laptop it self or while watchin...

asus g74sx-bbk9

can i change my dvd drive to and blu ray optical drive, if i can where can i find this parts at?

would need an image from UEFI partition of G74Sx TZ07BV

Hi dears,I did an install of windows 7 from my own Setup DVD on my new G74Sx TZ07BV, and deleted every existing partition.Unfortunatly I deleted the UEFI partition too.I asked ASUS how I can recreate this partition and they told me I have to RMA the ...

cummie by Level 7
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Battery life

Is one hour video converting on a full charge normal???? In my opinion is my battery draining way to fast.

dogla by Level 7
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Question about Live Updater

So today I got my ASUS G53SX-DH71 and have been thrilled with it. I did the bloatware uninstalls and decided to ask. I uninstalled Live Updater by Asus, however why is ALU.exe showing up when I go to edit my toolbar notifications? Would appreciate go...