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G751JM Power Supply and Gaming FPS issue

I have a G751JM laptop. I'm on my second power supply. First one eventually would not charge unless I would unplug the power supply and plug it back in. During that time I noticed my fps in games where very low, close to unplayable. I thought that it...

G750JX Loud Buzzing from fan

Hi, I've had my laptop now for about 2 years with no problem. The fan is usually very quiet unless I'm rendering a video and it has to kick into high gear. I'm ok with that, but in the past week, every time the fan activates instead of the 'whoosh' i...

G501 Possible bug report after coming back from hibernate

I closed the lid on my G501 last night with everything fine. I opened it back up this morning and after coming back from hibernate the screen was washed out and I could see tiny gridlines all over the screen. Only way I got things back was to reinsta...

JG61265 by Level 7
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What is the normal G501 Battery life?

Hi!From the beginning, I have suspected the battery of my G501 is somehow bad. In web surfing, the max I have gotten out of it is around 2 hours max. If I do anything more intensive, it gets worse. Everything has been set to power saver.How much batt...

xarot by Level 11
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G752VM RMA Losing Power

I bought my first ever laptop, an ASUS G752VM in March. I bought it because I work away some times and I'm emigrating from the UK to Canada next year. I would be without my PC for awhile when it is shipping but I can take the laptop onboard the plane...

ShakyUK by Level 7
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How to Activate the NUM LOCK on a G751JT ?

I have the G751JT. After start up the Num Lock keys used to be working after boot up.Now after my motherboard was upgrade by Asus for the G-Sync, the Num lock is not active anymore.Can somebody tell me how to do the setup? I cant remember the setup ?

Cheetah by Level 7
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